Was a CORVETTE just discovered on the MOON?

Sure looks that way. According to reports from the glistening silver orb, an 800hp Vette was just uncovered in the Crater LV427. And the question on everyone’s mind is… who’s storing cars on the MOON, dangit?

Could it be Elon Musk? Jeff Bezos? Apple? Well, we’ll stay on top of this until the mystery is solved, but if you have an idea, LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW!

This one… from our VETTE Coloring Book available on Amazon!

Fireball SKETCH if the Day… ’62 VETTE!!

Today, it’s me spinnin’ around Malibu in a ’62 Vette. And yes, that’s a VlogPowered Twin-Charged V8 with 840 horse. Thus, the winglets. 😉

The VETTE Coloring is available for Christmas on Amazon!! CLICK HERE!

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Fireball SKETCH of the Day… 1964 Corvette Convertible

The all-new VETTE Coloring Book is out just in time for Christmas! Get a copy for the Corvette Lover in your life!!



As Fireball films at the LA Auto Show today for his next Vlog, our all-new CUSTOM CORVETTE Coloring Book is being prepped to hit stores (& Amazon) Dec 1st and is chock-fulla insane VETTES! (Seriously… they’re nuts.)
Soon to be available at The Petersen Museum and others, get your Holiday Corvette Gift Shopping done early with Fireball Books!  The VETTE world will never be the same.

Fireball Custom CORVETTE Coloring Book on Track for December!

Fireball is pumping out more CUSTOM SKETCHES for the all-new CORVETTE Coloring Book “VETTE” which arrives early December for the Holidays. Do you need a CUSTOM BOOK for your Club, Museum or Show? Let us create your ultimate Car Coloring Book! askfireball@fireballtim.com

Fireball announces release of CORVETTE COLORING BOOK December 1st!!!

It’s official! On the heels of our new SHARKS Coloring Book coming November 1st, we’re launching our CORVETTES Coloring Book just in time for Christmas! Woo Hoo!

It’ll be 20 pages of Vette Goodness throughout history, and as you know since Fireball has designed over 400 vehicles for movies and TV, there will be some seriously wild Vettes in this book! Kid’s are gonna go HOGWILD!!!

Be sure to download the Catalog which includes MUSTNAGS, VINTAGE TRAILERS and a heap of Sealife Books… but that pales in comparison to our 2019 Slate. You’ll see WOODIES, SURF, HOT RODS, CHALLENGERS, CLASSICS, VINTAGE and MORE! Like I said… HOGWILD!!

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