IRON MAN 3 Concept and Empire Cover… break cover


Looks like Iron Man will be playing with a full deck… called the Iron Legion. Multiple suits for multiple purposes. This one is for… who knows. But chance are, and I’m just guessing… is for destroying the bad guys. (Just throwin’ that out there…) PLUS, Mr. Downey, Jr on the cover of EMPIRE reveals that although he’s bashed up, he’s still pretty poised. Stark, you might say.


KCL Mascot Costume of the Week… Stove Top

It blows my mind when I think about all the Mascot Costumes my wife has built over the years and the hundreds, if not thousands of commercials. Not every one of them was this cool, but as far as animal costumes go, this Turkey for Stove Top was hysterical. As a walkaround, it did the job on set. Although the idea that it would be stuffed later was creepy. (Guy didn’t look to happy about that.)

More CAPTAIN AMERICA Costume Details…

People ask me why I post things other than cars on this blog. ‘Cause… it’s about design. Film Design. And Costumes are designed for film. And since one of our divisions at FTE is KCL, I dig things like this. Ah, I love acronyms too…

And so, here’s a detail of CAPTAIN AMERICA’S buff outfit. This works and is a good merger of reality and comic.

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SPIDERMAN 4 Set Photos…

A while back I posted that we’re doing a variety of vehicles for SPIDERMAN 4 at the shop. We’ll, here are a few on set, along with Spidey himself. (And he’s got new duds, too!) Source: FirstShowing