Kathie’s Creations in 2017…

Just a small sample of what Kathie did last year. Amazing stuff, but pales in comparison to what’s planned for this year, starting with her MERMAID COLORING BOOK. Gonna be epic and beautiful. Out in March!

Today’s awesome sci-fi DIGITAL ART… #digitalart #art #paintings #costumes


Great art today comes from Kerem Beyit, Tian Huaxu and Apterus…

002-creative-art-tian-huaxu (Read on…)

Sunday HERO CONCEPT ART by Masters of Costume Design… #costumedesign #costumes #conceptart


Costumes designers are in for real challenges these days as concept artists come up with serious designs. Many of these things would have to be done as CG enhancements, but be that as it may, finding or even manufacturing materials is a challenge. Check out this great work from

Art by Jocelyn Zeller2 Art-by-Admira WijayaTwitterArt by Jocelyn Zeller1

Watch! KCL Behind the Scenes for Nintendo’s BANJO TOOIE #nintendo #banjotooie


Recently found this spot online and remembered our shoot in Vancouver for NINTENDO. No one in history had ever jumped out of a plane wearing a Mascot outfit. The only way to test it was to JUMP. So… we did. Here’s the result…

Kathie completes PEANUT & POPCORN for Honda… #cosplay #costumes #mascot #funny #commercial


Kathie (AKA The Bride of Fireball) just finished these two for a Honda spot recently. They came out pretty cool and the shoot was rock solid.

Look for the commercial coming soon from Honda.


Awesome Weekend CONCEPT ART is… well, just plain awesome.


You’re only gonna see the best here on the FT Blog and it’s my job to make sure of that. Whether is Cityscapes, Costumes, Heroines, Cars or whatever, …if it’s here, THEN IT’S THE BEST COMING FROM OUT THERE IN HOLLYWOOD. Check it… Incredible Art from the talents of Alon Chou and Andree Wallin. Plus, Costumes for Bane, The Flash, sexy-scary Harley Quinn (above) and SHAZAM!!!

Art by Alon Chou Art by Anre Wallin Injustice-Gods_Among_Us_Bane_01a Injustice-Gods_Among_Us_Flash_01a  Injustice-Gods_Among_Us_Shazam_01a

MAN OF STEEL and IM3 toy designs reveal details…

ManofSteel_Fireball Tim1

So, I guess the toy companies don’t have much of an embargo these days as you can see here from the designs for costumes in the upcoming MAN OF STEEL and IRON MAN 3. Lucky for us, ’cause they’re cool. But… are they really all that unique? I mean, they almost look like they belong in the THOR movie. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that that movie is SO good that the costumes only support it as opposed to the other way around.

IronMan3_Fireball Tim  ManofSteel_Fireball Tim2 ManofSteel_Fireball Tim3 ManofSteel_Fireball Tim4

Today’s AGENDA… filled with coolness


Lots going on today, after I head to the gym to get a little closer to looking like Dwayne Johnson. Or, at least as big as his right arm. Pretty sure we weigh about the same, the arm and I. But… IF I don’t use up all my energy, I’m headin’ to my Publisher to discuss BOOK 2 and this weekend’s event and then start drawing this afternoon. But not for the next book…

Looks like Kathie has the new contract for the 2014 ARIZONA SUPERBOWL Mascot. A re-design of Spike. You remember Spike? He tromped around the Superbowl a few years ago, lookin’ all that. Well, now he’s going to be re-vamped, re-launched and re-combobyoolated. (Pretty sure that’s an Albanian word.)

Plus, I’ll be finishing a very cool project today that will be revealed at the signing on Sunday. Something for kids.

Inappropriate COSTUMES of the day…

Um. Ok.


BIG BOOTY from Christmas 2010…

Last week, our KCL Costume Division was booked again for THE ELLEN DeGENERES SHOW. This Christmas Mascot is due earlier than usual this year due to Ellen’s special guest on Thursday. We’ll be bringing it to set Thursday morning just in time, but Kathie is feverishly building as we speak. What’s it’s gonna be? It’s gonna be TOP SECRET, that’s what! And it’s gonna be cool.

Here’s what Kathie’s done in past years…