The awesome Cover of Dennis Gage’s ORPHANS & ODDBALLS Coloring Book… REVEALED!!

Here it is and boy is this new book gonna be awesome! It’s our 43rd Book overall and the BEST ONE YET. But what car is this??

The Official Launch will be this Monday on Fireball’s Facebook Show ART TALK LIVE at 8am(pst)! Or… is it already available??

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New STATION WAGONS Coloring Book Cover REVEALED!!!!

Oh, man… this is gonna be an EPIC Coloring Book for all those that love the Wagons! It’s not only been a bear to choose which cars will be a part of the 19 (plus a MAZE!), but it was somewhat tough to pick the cover!

Behold, the 1973 CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY, poised on the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Although this wagon is Flame Red, our family wagon was white. But who the heck wants to color WHITE?? SHEESH!

Book comes out September 1st on Amazon HERE with the rest of our stable! SO EXCITED!!!! And don’t forget to join me on Facebook for our daily FIREBALL WAGON WARS!! Friend me up, pick yer favorite and VOTE LIKE YOU STOLE IT! T-Minus 2 weeks for launch!!

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