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Fireball Malibu Vlog heads to #OrangeCounty for the massive 3800 Car #CarShow CRUISIN’ FOR A CURE. Fireball spots insane cars, then chats with #BarryMeguiar. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


Cruisin’ For A Cure Highlights…

Although a bit wet with the misty fog overhead, had a great time at this year’s Cruisin’ 4 A Cure. Hooked up with friends, Mad Mike, John Misumi, Rich Evans, The Blues Brothers and JC with his radical Magnum …and saw some bitchin’ rides. I’ll write up some details on certain rides later, but here’s some of the BEST OF THE SHOW.(Misumi! We forgot to get a picture!!)

Fireball goes Cruisin’ for a Cure…

Awesome show! CRUISIN’ FOR A CURE is the largest 1-day event on the West Coast with over 3500 cars! It was wild!

The kinds of cars you see at a show like this is off the chart. Muscle Cars, Tuners, Rat Rods, Classics and everything in between. Plus, a lot of car celebrity friends show up. These people LOVE vehicular contraptions. Hung out with Hot Wheels Dynamo, Larry Wood and Carson Lev, buddies CJ from Diecast Space and Pinstriper Styles, plus and the Diecast Space Girls. Even did a great interview with SuperHostess Genevieve Chappell. I also tried to snag the dough from the Blues Brothers with no luck. Got distracted as the Diecast Girls went by… dang! Check out the great products from ProLong, too.

Check out the serious rides below, but also head to my BLOG for tons more!

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