Fireball upgrades Best-Selling CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOK with all-new Designs!!!

We’re NEVER going to stop improving our Coloring Books in order to be THE BEST, so it’s with great pride that we announce an upgrade to our CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOK!! Check out that awesome COVER!!!

Kids, Grand-kids and YOU are gonna love this new book! CAMARO is still coming June 1st, but why wait? Grab a copy of the all-new CUSTOM CARS and Get ‘ta Colorin’!!


On my way to WHEELS AND WAVES!!!!

CUSTOM CAR Coloring Book for a Custom Car Life!

Tons of new Automotive Coloring Books will be coming out of Fireball Publishing over the next few years. This was out first… But oh… they will be getting SERIOUS SOON…

Fireball SKETCH of the Day… DEADLFT

There’s still time to get one of our CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOKS for Christmas! Head to AMAZON NOW!

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Today’s Featured Coloring Book… CUSTOM CARS!

Fun and Wild CARS, Fireball Tim’s CUSTOM CAR Coloring Book will get your kids jazzed!

Don’t miss today’s VLOG 811 HERE!

Today’s Featured Book – CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOK

Today’s featured Fireball Coloring Book is CUSTOM CARS.

Available on Amazon, this book is 20-pages of awesome custom vehicles inspired by Fireball’s 3o years and 400 Movie Car designs. Great for kids and grandkids of all ages! $6.99


More Coloring Books are coming soon, but if you have kids or grandkids that love cars, then this is just the thing for Birthdays, Christmas and any old time for travel. Even Schools are getting in to loving cars! 20 full pages of cool car coloring! Snag one on AMAZON for only a 10 spot!

CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOK is about to spawn some siblings…

By popular demand, my CUSTOM CAR COLORING BOOK will be spawning some siblings Coloring Books at an even better price! MUSCLE CARS, RAT RODS, BOMBS and more. Each one will take a bit of time, but it will be one heck of a series. Snag the first one on AMAZON here and keep an eye out for more!

See all of Fireball’s Books here!