Day at the SHOP…

Hangover Mercedes

So, I guess the movie HANGOVER is doing well. That’s a good thing for us. It’s tough to create cars for movies and have the movie tank like a P51 in flames, but it happens all the time. KNIGHT RIDER, MYSTERY MEN, etc… BAM! CRASH! KAPLOW!

But when a movie does well, then it feels good. Everyone’s work is rewarded. The shop here employs a lot of talented craftsmen. About 40 right now, but 100 when we’re rockin.’ Mechanics, painters, fiberglass doods. Motorcycle Rick, in our graphics department is awesome, Bob and Oscar in the front office constantly on the phones with the studios. (Doin’ 24 Season 8 now.) Fun stuff.

But what’s cool is the fact that the shop itself is like a living breathing creature. Cars are moving in and out all day. I come in one day a week and there’s all new stuff to see. Like going to Disneyland once a week and there’s an all new ride. Cars below are from THE FLINTSTONES, STREET TUNER CHALLENGE, CHARLIE’S ANGELS, GET SMART, FAST & FURIOUS 4. Next week, there will be all new stuff.

It’s a blessing to do what you love. People waste a lot of time not taking action in that arena. Life is short and you MUST get out there and enjoy it. If you’re in a job that you don’t like, just ask the question, “What DO I like?” And then let that stew. Then, when it comes, AND IT WILL, get into action. One step a day is all it takes to make your dreams a reality. And stop blaming others for why you don’t have what you want. It’s you. And since it’s you, only YOU can fix it.

And get to working on that car in your garage. It’s cool and needs to be finished. I’m just sayin.’

Movie Cars on FACEBOOK!

Knight Rider Attack Mustang!

Yes, check out the goods! CVS is now on Facebook with a cadray of coolness! It’s MOVIE CARS up the wazoo! Become a fan so that you get the skinny on what we’re up to ala “behind the scenes!” Cool.

A day at the SHOP…

Nicholas Cage Rolls Royce

Why is Nicholas Cage’s million dollar Rolls sitting in the shop? That’s what I thought when I “rolled” in. Well, cuz he has a new movie coming and we’re building two extras. One as a stunt car, and one to…


Ouchy. But that’s what CVS does. Build it, blow it to smithereens.

As I walked the shop, I saw several new cars that Ray brought in from a sale at Paramount. The vans that Tom Cruise drove from “WAR OF THE WORLDS,” several kookie Czeck cars and one of my favorites,… a Ford Saloon. This was the first die-cast that Corgi made. It’s awesome. I want to fully restore her and take her for a spin up PCH.

Oh, and today’s my Mom’s birthday. Family coming over to celebrate. She’s been gone for a short time now and it’s still tough. But we made her a Carrot Cake which she loved. That would have made her happy. …More later.

A day at the SHOP…


Recognize this? Probably not, but it’s gonna be famous soon. As in April 3rd. As in FAST & FURIOUS. This beast has a major role, so you’ll see plenty of it. And just a few things hangin’ out at the shop.

Spent the day shooting with for an upcoming episode launched from Jalopnik. I’ll talk more about in on Episode #20 from THCS at the end of this week. It was crazy. Spun 9 cars and my head kept spinning. But the footage is gonna be awesome. The videos will be luanch around February 21st.

It’s Sunday, and full speed AHEAD…


Most of the time, Sundays are calm and full of Car Shows. But this Sunday I’m full speed ahead with so many things, my head’s a spinnin.’ All week I was talking with Sponsors and Licensees about new events and new products.

We’re expanding with new products from Millusions, CarTatts, Little Director and checking out companies like Automoblox and others. Lots of kid’s products because kids are cool. Expand, Enhance, Extend. …ahh, Corporate Life.

I’ve also been buying a lot of books on ebay. It’s a curious thing when you can buy a book new for $14.95 or a 1st Edition from 1903 for $2.00. Imagine the people that have read that second book? The places it’s been. I find that really cool and appreciate the old stuff. That came from my Dad who collected 1st Editions of Jack London and Charles Dickens. He even had Dicken’s Quill pen!

Meetings tomorrow include a shindig at CVS to discuss the future of the GEMcars and the Movie Slate for 2009. Lots of cool stuff coming including Iron Man 2.

Plus, I’m planning some trips this year that may give me the opportunity to meet some of you out there. Across the U.S. with Kathie and the Pups. The more I immerse myself, the better things get. As long as I immerse myself positively.

Get out there and GET BUSY! Things don’t happen becuase you wish them to, they happen becuase you believe in them and DO YOUR PART. So get excited about your life! Oh, and watch Disney’s “Pollyanna.” An excellent film for kids and a fantastic message of gratitude.


Welcome to CVS! And big thanks to the guys at STREETFIRE…

Building ELEANOR, The GENERAL & Famous Movie Cars

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Big Day…


Yesterday was a big day. My company, FIREBALLED!, finalized a deal with CINEMA VEHICLE SERVICES to create something extraordinary. Press Release will come soon, but I believe that if you put it out there, it has to come back. No matter what. It’s the Law.

I’ve known Ray Claridge at CVS for a very long time. A Man of worth, sincerity and and extreme value. Not many like him around. He does what he says, always on time, and there is nothing false about him. His crew is the same. Bob, Oscar, Amy, Sam and the rest. Which is probably why for the last 35 years, he’s built virtually EVERY movie car on the planet. Oh, … if you’re not familiar with CVS, hit the link. In the next few weeks, you’ll see some cool changes to the website. Some serious Fireball action will begin to appear. Because, as of yesterday, my new home for cool designs and cool builds will be CVS.

Yes, we’ll have tours. Yes, we’ll have SEMINARBQS. Yes, we’ll have an entirely new program for LIMITED EDITIONS and yes… my playground just grew to over 100,000 square feet. Design, Fabrication and EVERYTHING in between. Just you wait and see what’s coming….

This is history… And I’m grateful to do it with a man of integrity.

“Take the first step. You don’t have to climb the whole staircase.”

Martin Luther King

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RCX hits with FULL FORCE…



2 days! Insane crowds and crazed RC and car, plane and bike fans! With thanks to CINEMA VEHICLES for bringin’ in the my STREET TUNER CHALLENGE MINI and FLINTSTONES MOBILE, (Chris and Mike!) we met all kinds of great people including passionate families and kids like Evan Medina. Hung out with John Schultz and the boys from HPI RACING, SuperSuperModel MARY RILEY, The Kyosho Girl and hundreds of others. Whoa!

People spent the day racing cool RC Cars, Tanks, Planes, Rockets and had a great time.  The STC MINI was a big hit, thousands having seen the show which is currently airing on SPEED for the fourth time!! Whoa2!

It’s a humbling experience to see the passion embodied by all these people. All positive, hanging with their kids and friends and spreading the enthusiasm. Appreciation goes out to Show Promoter, Warren Lucas for doing such a great job and my thanks and gratitude goes out to all who paid me a visit!!

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