Fireball’s Daily COOL gets into the Halloween Spirit…

Ah, Halloween. A time when we celebrate death, darkness, ghouls, creepy crawlers and goo. Yes, goo. And why to we celebrate all these things? ‘Cause if we celebrated anything positive, we’d be all like hugging each other all the time and that could make things really gross. Wait, being gross is Halloween too? Ok, let’s get all huggy and we’ll see what happens. BUT FIRST! The coolness, like this XENO Concept by Nick Pugh! Awesome…

Then… LoopyDave’s HalloweenBabe, the Travertson V Rex 500 Choppa, Concept Art by Atey Ghailan, the Lancia Bordo Concept and more Halloween Creepy Art by Hollllow.

Give Coolness. Get Coolness. It’s the LAW. That means that what I give out comes back to me when it’s from the heart. I want you guys to have the best there is every day… and I get sent A LOT. So, it’s with pleasure that I do this and I’m fortunate to experience a lot of coolness around me. GIVE today like I know you can. In all ways. And your life will be richer. And bring goo…

Fireball’s Daily COOL heads from France to Russia

Yea, I’m just a travelin’ fool in the Daily COOL. Today, we start out in Paris with the INTERESTING Tronatic Everia Concept. It’s wild, although a bit funkeeee. But funky is what I do here, being the DC on the not so down low, eh?

PLUS! Awesome killer MovieBabe Art by Terry Taylor, the TT New Generation Chopper Bike by Olcay Tuncay Karabulut, the all new Iron Patriot from IRON MAN 3, a Killer Whale Personal Sub, some wild Architecture at a Georgia Border Crossing and finally more Art by Velinov.

I’m grateful today for my pups. They bring me love and fun. And they love the beach like nothing I’ve ever seen. Especially swimming in the tide-pools. It brings me joy to see them happy. And because I’m grateful, I guarantee to always get more. Hammer home the gratitude today folks! Then watch in awe as more comes…

Fireball’s Daily COOL is Italian, German and QuadSki?

Quadski? Oh, yea… it’s a little country near… no, wait. That’s Trunsyslovenia. Maybe Quadski is THIS!!!

Plus… the Pininfarina Chords Concept, MovieBabe Art by Jenny Frion, a VW Bus Camper Tent, Audi RS Roadster and Art by Maxim Revin!

Have an awesome Thursday, folks! YOU HAVE THE POWAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

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Fireball’s Daily COOL gets ready for Vegas…

Yes, the SEMA Show. Ther’ll be some cool contraptions revealed at SEMA this year like this HYUNDAI VELOCITY CONCEPT. And they WILL be cool, unless you drink too much while you’re out there. (I won’t have to worry about that unless it’s YooHoos.) But rest assured, the show’s gonna be off the shalamamabing-bang.

What else is COOL today, you ask? How about crazy matrixy Movie Babe Art by Tomasz Miazga, the SEMA Focus ST, awesome Pedal Architecture, Swiss Earth Hobbit Houses and Exo-Flame-O Classic that’s HOT!

Words have power. And we use them. But to use them consciously and with intention to create good is the secret. A good word brings forth a good thing, so talk peace and be extra nice today.

It’s COOL to be KIND and UNCOOL to be a JERK. Use your will and BE COOL.

Fireball’s DAILY COOL goes to S’KOOL…

Ahh, education. A time of warming up the mind for grander things… wait. That’s lame. But if everyone went to school in Fabio Santamaria‘s COOL FOR SCHOOL BUS, that would be awesome!

But there’s more for today, being the DAILY COOL. There’s MovieBabe Art by Anndr Kusuriuri, the Zyphr Rescue Scooter by Gregory Hayter, an all Chrome Crotch Rocket and more art by Puppeteer Lee and finally Robert Forrest.

From the Tut…

“If you knew for absolute certain that every little thing you did today would later be scrutinized, literally moment by moment, by a future you, and future friends, as well as anyone else interested, and you’d all be looking for a number of qualities, especially patience, kindness, and love, during this game of games and test of tests called life, how might you treat the very next person you see?”

Fireball’s DAILY COOL revs Range Rover and Apple iWe car Concepts…

If Apple made a car… it would be cool. And that’s below, but check out RANGE ROVER’S LRGT Concept. It looks like a toy, but toys are meant to be played with. So, I’m on the phone today to have them send it to me for 3 Snickers and Mountain Dew. Easy deal.

THEN! There’s today’s awesome MovieBabe Art by Kit, Apple’s iWE Car Concept by Shane Baxley, an ATAT Attack, more Car Art by Sean Yoo and Batman’s daily ride, the KIA OPTIMA. (I seriously doubt that, though. Batman in a Kia? He’d NEVER have passengers, duh.)

Fireball’s Daily COOL… MINI Paceman is GO!

Okay, so some of you may know that I’ve done a couple of MINIs in the past. And they’re great cars. But nobody does MINI better than MINI and that is evidenced in the new PACEMAN that’s coming soon. It’s a BIG MINI, but not too big. Although bigger than a MINI. And that being said, I have no idea what that means or exactly how BIG it really is. So let’s think about this for a moment…

Okay, that was long enough. My noggen is starting to overheat. Let’s just do the inspired DAILY COOL, shall we?

BOOM! How about MovieBabe Art by Kinggainer, my Fireball Seedling Chocolate Cupcakes, the World’s Fastest Stroller, more Stealthy Art by Ed Natividad and round it out with Futuristic City Art by Wang Rui. Yup. The coolness has a cometh.

Heading to my Publisher today to get an update on my new kid’s book. Excited. But, I can get excited about anything because life is awesome. It’s a gift every day to get up and see it, so be grateful you do… and watch your life become what it supposed to be. Wonderful.

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Fireball’s Daily COOL… with a Hollywood Update! Wow.

FIRST! Before we get into the cool like the above Bugatti Renaissance GT2 by jmvdesign, let’s discuss what Hollywood’s up to, so we’re clear on the badassness that’s comng…

Liam Neeson is definitely doing TAKEN 3. And that’s good, ’cause there’s always more bad guys out there to have their asses handed to them.  Director Rob Cohen wants back in to both the xXx and the Fast and Furious series. (Good luck with THAT!)
Tyrese Gibson wants to come back for Transformers 4. Maybe as a robot this time? And Michael Bay says Transformers 4 will “open the franchise up.” Like make it a Romantic Sci-Sfi Comedy Action with 238 Robots? Ok, like aren’t all those robots already dead?

Ok, whatever… THE DAILY COOL starts with awesome MovieBabes by LoopyDave, a 1970 Pontiac Firebird by All Speed Customs, super cool Concept by Dwayne Vance, the Bamboo Millenium Bridge and the NEXT Modular Self Driving Car Concept.

Wow. Not sure I can take all this “wowness for the day. But I’m up to it. Are you?

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Fireball’s Daily COOL heads to England…

Oo, ye olde England is getting a new bus, if this designer has his way. The FUTURE BRITISH TRANSIT will be smokin’ hot and people will never get off. (That could be a problem…) BUT! To make up for it… We have more COOLNESS.

How about RaceBabe Art followed by the 2013 ZERO XU ELECTRIC MOTORCYCLE… then Kia’s Electric NAIMO CONCEPT, the SCAMANDER ATV, my HyperTech ALIEN COMPETITOR and more MovieBabe Art by KENDRICK LIM?

Stay present today. It’s where the real work gets done. The strength of your connection to something greater than yourself determines your success in any given thing. And all you want is good, so GIVE OUT THE GOOD! Happy Monday, folks…

Fireball’s Daily COOL with the 2014 Mustang?

Is this the 2014 Ford Mustang? Well, it’s the closest we spies have found so far and it looks… well, like a Mitsubishi or something. WHAT? Let’s send out the vibration to Ford that they need to do something a bit more unique, otherwise, it’ll go on my other site, The Daily LAME. But I have faith in them…

BUT! We have other serious coolness today like the EXAGON FURTIVE eGT CONCEPT, MovieBabe by Kelly Futerer, more of Stark Industries LIGHTCYCLES, a VOLTAGE Retro Chopper Electric Bike and to finish off… a STEAMPUNK PREDATOR HELMET!

Yea, that just awesome in a whole alien sorta way, right?

Who’s in the driver’s seat today? YOU ARE! Make Sunday the best by GIVING. It’s the LAW and brings forth all things good back to you. My sincerest good thoughts to you on this ridiculously cool Sunday!