Watch! James Bond’s SKYFALL Full Trailer!

James Bond is back in November with SKYFALL. And based on this trailer, it’ll be everything a JB Movie is… with the addition of some surprises. Check it out…

WATCH! James Bond’s SKYFALL features the Aston DB5! Gimmee that car, yo.

Bwa! What the hell is my car doing on set in the Alps when I just parked it??

So lame. I can NEVER trust my wife with my cars. She ALWAYS takes them somewhere cool, let’s people borrow them or just plain goes drifting at Target. She’s just that way… BUT, I love her.

Watch MY car do some cool stuff in this new VideoBlog. Then go buy yourself some Sees. Outta here…

SKYFALL Teaser Trailer…

Ol’ Jimmy is up to his nastiness again… but this time… WHAT IS SKYFALL? Even his face will tell you it’s not good…

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James Bond’s SKYFALL goes all Rat-a-Tat-Tat!

Well we expected this, right? That Jimmy would start destroying things right away in the new SKYFALL? Of course. But it looks like Ralph Feines will be layin’ it down right back at him. …But since Jimmy’s gonna kick some serious Aston… the bad guys are in for it…

Jimmy Bond’s DB5 appears on set of SKYFALL

Ahh, the DB5. Classic JimmyB style. Was there ever a better ride for the man with a license to kill? Maybe… I liked the Citroen 2CV also. That was a badass chase, too. But alas, the new film SKYFALL has chosen the Aston once again.

Now, if we were to put the Citroen up against the DB5, it would be no contest. The lil’ Citroen would kick arse like no other, leaving the whimpering DB5 in it’s wake of dust, banana leaves and chrome teeth. And, should production ever give me these two cars to review, I’d prove it. Everything… except maybe the chrome teeth. Like, that would be really hard to get. Just sayin.’

I mean… do you remember how the 2CV rolled down that hill? That was AWESOME!

Anyway… here’s the shot of the slowpoke DB5 on set. Along with the crew. ...Parked, I might add. 😉

New Images: DREDD, SKYFALL and VADERscooter?

Yes, these are shots from the new DREDD with Karl Urban, Mr. Bond himself from SKYFALL and the all new STAR WARS. Officially titled, “Star Wars: Vader Gets His Scoot On.”

Now, what’s the synopsis for SW:VGHSO? Um… that would be… from the official Press Release…

“Lord Vader strikes a blow to the Rebellion by infiltrating bases across the galaxy in a new mass destructive weapon known only as the Skutr. And he’s really pissed this time”.

Sounds scary if you ask me. Lucasfilm declined to comment. Typical. 😉

Watch! launches new SKYFALL site

Oh, yea… Here we go with the Jimmy Bondness. SKYFALL is shooting and you’ll be able to see some “Behind the Scenes” episodes as it unveils. Just call me Dr. Yes…

Hit it to

From the set of James Bond’s SKYFALL…

Well, not much here really other than a Range Rover. No Sky… and no Falling. BUT! Chances are that Daniel Craig will be falling at some point in the film. Or at least tripping others to do so… Maybe a stumble or two… or maybe just a two-step. …Um, would you believe… a bump over a pebble while wearing clogs?

Whatever… He’s gonna kick ass.

What’s goin’ on in HOLLYWOOD?

Badass’ are abundant right now in Hollywood as Dark Knight Rises continues filming, James Bond’s Skyfall gets cast, Paul Walker’s Vehicle 19 launches a new poster (like he’d consider making a movie without a car…) and the trailer hits for 21 Jump Street. Check ’em out.