What’s it like to drive ta 1968 BULLITT MUSTANG?

What’s it like to drive ta 1968 BULLITT MUSTANG?

There’s a lot of great people in Malibu. And these people do their best to bring good cheer and do it because they are good-natured and love life. And love is the ingredient for all success, as we know here in the Bu.

If you want to be successful, you need to “get into” what you’re doing just like a guy falls in love with a girl. He’ll swing by her house from time to time (without being creepy) and just think about her deeply. Sure, he’ll do other things, but in the back of his mind, he’s all about her.

Now, car guys are that way too. We love our cars and we treat them like gold. Case in point, this week’s Ride of the Week, automotive reporter for KABC-TV and radio host Dave Kunz. Dave’s love for cars started early and one of the films that got him going was “Bullitt.” It became a dream for him to actually snag the 1968 Ford Bullitt Mustang Fastback that Steve McQueen drove in the film. And his love for that car stayed true right up until the day came where his thoughts manifested into speed.

“I bought the car bone stock in 1992 from a guy in Glendale who was the third owner,” said Dave. “It was actually advertised in the old Recycler classified paper. That was essentially the print precursor to Craigslist, for those too young to remember. I always loved Bullitt Mustangs as a kid, and my parents had a ’68 Mustang convertible when I was growing up. But Steve McQueen’s car in the film was much cooler and I always dreamed of having one like it.

And after buying the stock Mustang, Dave set himself on course to building his Bullitt replica. “It now has the 390 cubic inch engine and 4-speed manual transmission from the factory. Everything’s stock, except for the things done to the Mustang in the movie ‘Bullitt.’ Koni shocks, American Racing wheels, etc…I use it for weekend cruising, occasional car shows and road trips here and there. I’ve even driven it to Pebble Beach twice and San Francisco four times.”

Best short story? Dave mentioned that singer Sheryl Crow drove it in the video shoot for her song “Steve McQueen,” and he actually got to stunt drive it a bit (wearing a wig) with Dale Earnhardt Jr. chasing him in a Camaro. She autographed the door jamb afterward.

A perfect example of loving your car. As an automotive reporter for television, Dave gets to test drive lots of vehicles. A cushy job full of passion-producing horsepower. And along with driving comes “where” to drive. Regarding Malibu, Dave simply states, “The roads… Oh, and breakfast at Ollo!”

When you fall in love with something, someone, anything, the power of the universe backs you instantly. It creates people, scenarios and things that are in line with your thoughts. It’s a tendency towards good and leads to more good. Malibu knows this, and so does Dave.

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KABCTV’s Dave Kunz to be Fireball’s guest for Jan 17th MALIBU CARS & COFFEE…


That’s right, AutoGuru DAVE KUNZ will be my guest for the upcoming January 17th MALIBU CARS & COFFEE (Be sure to LIKE for updates) and he’s bringing his Bullet Mustang. If you’re familiar with Dave, you know that he loves cars and we’ve been friends a long time. He’s done pieces on us and we’ve done pieces on him. But on the 17th, it’s all Dave, baby.

Grand Marshal for the Huntington Beach Concours Saturday Event and Art Center College of Design, Dave’s been around a long time. He’ll be walking MCC with me and you can ask him anything you want plus get photos. You can watch the 5MINUTE DRIVE I did with Dave below as well as a piece he did on me at Cinema Vehicle Services.

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5MINUTE DRIVE Ep 31 with KABC-TV’s Dave Kunz & his Bullitt Mustang… @ford #mustang #bullitt #SteveMcQueen @ABC7DaveKunz


Last week, I went out to visit my good friend and fellow car nut DAVE KUNZ. Dave is the Automotive Reporter for KABC-TV here in LA and loves cars. So much so that he’s got this cherry Bullitt Mustang that he built, inspired by the film. Watch and learn how he got it and also pick up an issue of The Malibu Surfside News this week. Full story there too.

We had a great time driving through the “real” Hollywood. Dave’s a great guy and knows all things cars, although he needs some better jokes. 😉 WATCH!

**Today’s Episode is brought to you by The AUTOMOTO Film & Arts Festival.

ABC’s Dave Kunz mentions last minute gifts for Xmas…


Big thanks to ABC’s Dave Kunz as he mentioned my new kid’s book on yesterday’s KPFK 90.7 Car Show. Here’s a link to the iTunes Download. It happens at about the 5 minute mark of an hour show, but very cool. Head to Autobooks in Burbank or World Class Motoring in Agoura if you’re so inclined.

Thanks, Dave!

The Hollywood Garage Podcast #2

We’re back again! Talking about cool stuff from Hollywood as we like to do like **X-Men First Class** as seen above, **Logan’s Run**, **Die Hard 5** and a bunch of other movies that we picked from Tim’s blog!

Also, our first interview this week with the world famous **Uncle Joe Benson**! He has been in and around the music industry for years and you probably know him best from **KLOS**. Or, maybe from **auto racing!**. Yes, he has a team of cars, among other things, that you can see over at unclejoebenson.com.

Stick around! Next week we will have a new feature that we are sure you will love and the following week we’ll have **Dave Kunz** from ABCTV in LA on to talk about the cars he likes!

Finally, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook (click like on the right). We are also pleased to announce that you can **finally** get The Hollywood Garage Podcast in iTunes!

The Hollywood Garage Episode 2
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