WATCH! James Bond’s SKYFALL features the Aston DB5! Gimmee that car, yo.

Bwa! What the hell is my car doing on set in the Alps when I just parked it??

So lame. I can NEVER trust my wife with my cars. She ALWAYS takes them somewhere cool, let’s people borrow them or just plain goes drifting at Target. She’s just that way… BUT, I love her.

Watch MY car do some cool stuff in this new VideoBlog. Then go buy yourself some Sees. Outta here…

WATCH! 007 SKYFALL Blog Episode reveals Jimmy’s Costume Designer…

Costume Designer Jany Temime is featured in this segment discussing suits designed and manufactured by Tom Ford. Several new scenes are revealed along with a few shots of Jimmy’s DB5. It has a couple new contraptions also. :-0

Since I live with a Costume Designer, I can appreciate what goes into “just making suits,” let alone doing an entire film, which Kathie has done 20. This is a challenge on many levels… but it is James Bond. And you don’t mess with the Jimster.

Jimmy Bond’s DB5 appears on set of SKYFALL

Ahh, the DB5. Classic JimmyB style. Was there ever a better ride for the man with a license to kill? Maybe… I liked the Citroen 2CV also. That was a badass chase, too. But alas, the new film SKYFALL has chosen the Aston once again.

Now, if we were to put the Citroen up against the DB5, it would be no contest. The lil’ Citroen would kick arse like no other, leaving the whimpering DB5 in it’s wake of dust, banana leaves and chrome teeth. And, should production ever give me these two cars to review, I’d prove it. Everything… except maybe the chrome teeth. Like, that would be really hard to get. Just sayin.’

I mean… do you remember how the 2CV rolled down that hill? That was AWESOME!

Anyway… here’s the shot of the slowpoke DB5 on set. Along with the crew. ...Parked, I might add. 😉