Design Details for BACK TO TH FUTURE 2 UNCOVERED!!!!

Great work from my friend Andy Probert and Tim Flattery here. These sketches have been buried for a long time. Below, you can see the buck of the Police Car sitting in the desert at Gene Winfield’s shop. Still there…

Ride of the Week… What is the Best Character in Movies?

Here in Malibu, we are inundated with cars and movies.

On virtually every corner of this town, we can name a film that was shot there, a memorable scene or a moment in Hollywood history. It’s an amazing place.

And although you may not know it, Hollywood has been successful for one simple reason: it shows us the hero’s journey.

Now, not all of the journeys have been successfully portrayed, but most are and it is enough to keep Tinseltown going. It’s kind of like a surfer chasing that perfect wave. They may run across a few less-than perfect ones, but it’s not about those. It’s about the Holy Grail of waves — the one which makes you feel alive.

Hollywood works in this way, and many films have been very successful in doing this. And to my delight, they’ve used cars not only in the films, but as the actual hero as well.

Here, you will see a shot I took of the “Back to the Future” DeLorean from the third film. And although it’s the story of Marty McFly and his journey, it’s also the story of the DeLorean and how it became Marty’s trusty steed, never failing him (although, it didn’t start a few times).

Cars in film have been a staple since the beginning. In fact, the first actual movie car appeared in a Laurel and Hardy film. It got squished like an accordion and had to be built that way. But car people gravitate to certain brands, types and scenes.

If you’re a muscle car aficionado, then you’ll be interested in seeing a movie with muscle cars. It’s pretty simple really.

But there’s a more complex action going on here. If you reverse engineer a few Hollywood success stories, you’ll see why they’ve been successful. And you’ll notice that virtually every Hollywood property that has been long running has had cars in droves.

Let’s take a look.

Example No. 1 is James Bond. Jimmy’s movies have virtually all been successful, which is why this year will launch his 25th film. And the reason is that there are consistent compartmentalized components. Jimmy never changes and always falls within what he naturally would do.

And he wouldn’t wear a cowboy hat. But the key integral components of the films never change. Jimmy himself, exotic locations, gadgets, girls and cars.

Example No. 2 is Fast and Furious. Although virtually the same, cars are the main ingredient here. Everything else comes secondary.

Example No. 3 is Star Wars. OK, now you sitting there and saying “Wait, there’s no cars in those films, Fireball!” To which I would respond, “Hold on a tick, lil’ compadre!” George Lucas is a huge car guy and has filled his films with automotive reference.

Case in point is Luke’s Landspeeder and many other automotive design languages. Even the new upcoming Solo movie has a Landspeeder car chase. So there.

Example No. 4 is Back to the Future, and actually many others. My point is, the hero’s journey is a person facing insurmountable odds to overcome and prevail. And it’s clear to Hollywood that he or she needs a cool car to do that.

And who am I to argue?

Batman, Jurassic Park and Marvel films all incorporate vehicles of some sort. And as a result, butts land in the chairs in droves. Films have even been done without actors at all and just cars.

It makes one wonder. What films could have been more successful had they added some kind of vehicular contraption? Hollywood, are you listening?

I may not be a lot of things, but what I am is the King of Car Culture. And I say that humbly, because, as such, it’s my job to share the stories of those who love cars. And filmmakers better listen up, because if adding a cool car into your flick is that powerful, then I’ll help you put the butts in the chairs, including my own.

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The first piece was done for DELOREAN DMC. Just one render of what a modern day Delorean might look like, keeping the classic lines and proportions. They didn’t want to stray too far.

Second piece was done for a toy company exploring “Tuned Hollywood Cars.” Applying performance and drift modification to cars like the Time Machine.

Again, a pretty cool concept to explore, but alas, Toy Companies rarely pull through. Still like to do it, tho.

Check out the episode I did AT THE DELOREAN FACTORY below!

Today’s EPISODE! Off to Houston to check out DELOREANS… So awesome.


Today’s Episode… Fireball heads BACK IN TIME in a Delorean


I’ve been a lot of places, but when you drive in a DeLorean… there’s really only one place to go. And that’s through time. So, for today’s episode, let’s poke through the timesphere and discover coolness. Click the vid or watch HERE.

Fireball Concept… A new DELOREAN?


So, after I went out to the Delorean Factory, I set out thinking what a new one might look like? But, without redesigning it in a way that is completely new with an old badge just stuck on it. Boom. I’ll take one, thank you very much.

Kid has it made in a DELOREAN PUSH CART…

Wow… If I only had one of these as a kid.

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Updated: Hollywood Garage featuring 14 vehicles for San Diego

The San Diego Auto Show is shaping up to be an exciting event…

Along with the DragChairs, the list now stands at 14 vehicles including the Starsky and Hutch Torino, General Lee, Herbie, a top secret James Bond Car, Towmater, Smokey and Bandit TA, Back to the Future DeLorean, KITT, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, The Vision SZR Concept Car from the show Ride Along, The Lifetime Oil Filter Custom Van, King Tahoe, The Transformer’s Camaro and one other TBD.


Back to the Future LEGOS…

Check out these cool movie cars from Ichiban Toys… So worth it…


Big thanks to Desi DosSantos for lettin’ us ride in this cool car! Check out the PRESS RELEASE, too!

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