HOBBYDB PART 4 – 400HP FORD MUSTANG GT IS ONLY THE BEGINNING – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 761 – On the last day in Colorado, Fireball meets up with Diecast Collector Bud Kalland and his 400hp Mustang GT.

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CARNEY PLASTICS comes through for DIECAST!

If you’re a diecast collector like me, then there’s only one way to display them up right. And that, is with a cool case from CARNEY PLASTICS. Sean, the head honcho, sent me this awesome collector’s case for a my movie car collection and Johnny Lightning BAD MOODS. The bitchin’ thing is they are all displayed at a 3/4 angle. I put this thing up in about 10 minutes by myself and it looks awesome.

They have all sorts of cases for every diecast size, so check ’em out and pick the right one for you.

But now I have to buy more cars! Dang you, Sean!

DIECAST EXCLUSIVE! Look what showed up at my door!

The day has finally come. And I’m in a BAD MOOD…

A Bad Mood Corvette, that is. Thanks to Johnny Lightning, this BMC is on it’s way to WalMarts, ToysRUs and Hobby Shops around the country. It’ll be for sale in a couple weeks, but here’s the SNEEK.

And where did the BAD MOOD idea come from?

My wife, Kathie… I should know better than to ask her a question before she’s had coffee…

Summer Smash starts with a BANG!

Great to see old diecast friends for sure, but the 2010 Hot Wheels Summer Smash started with a bang. Tons of diecast set up for car nuts. We even had our new DragTracks set up for the kiddies. But…

I flew in Wednesday, thanks to a smooth ride by United. Then, that night at about 11pm, the fire alarm in the hotel went off. That resulted in about 300 people racing out to the parking lot! And these were WW2 Vets. All about 90 years old and racin’ down the stairs like the ship was going down. Luckily, it was a false alarm. Then, yesterday before the afternoon signing,  JF and I headed out to Cape Cod for a gander. Had some good fish at Moby Dicks. About A POUND or so…

But all this is nothing compared to tomorrow’s CAR SHOW… Sweet rides in full size….

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