Original DISNEY Imagineering Sculpts of TOONTOWN… #toontown #disneyland #sculpture #disneyana #mickeymouse


Way back in the day, my wife and I worked at IMAGINEERING for Disney Theme Parks. Kathie was the lead sculptor for Toontown, but actually was the final colorist for these sculpts. They’ve been buried since 1991, so I decided to whip ’em out. Enjoy.

ToonTown2a ToonTown3a

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Fireball Design… OLD DISNEY ART @disneyland


I did these way back in ’91 for The New Tomorrowland. Done as massive billboards that would be situated around Tomorrowland as it was being redesigned as a SPACEPORT at the time. A much better idea than what it’s become, but vehicles were present throughout the land and I was designing tons at Imagineering.

But after 3 years of design, they pulled the plug and Tomorrwland began it’s re-design process again… to become Disoveryland.

FieldTripSml RoadTripSml