NEW EPISODE! New Teeth… Watch us get drilled!!! HAHAHA!!!!!


Here’s a filler episode we did recently on our trip to see Doc Wood up in Oregon. Mister Dental Genius of Dixon Creek Dental!! It was awesome.

If going to the dentist makes you queasy, then don’t watch! On the other hand, just grab a small baggie in case you blow chunks. It’s funny…

A week in OREGON for Dental Excitement! @DollarCars @DixonCDental


So, this past week, Kathie, Sean and I went up to Oregon for a visit to DIXON CREEK DENTAL. Kathie, for some teeth whitening, Sean to fix a snaggle tooth that he got from a recnet fall (knocked his front teeth out!) and myself for 4 back crowns. Needed to get those silver fillings out of my mouth as they’re toxic. So… off we went for a jaunt up north to our friends.

We had an absolute blast… if you can believe it in going to the dentist. We were even treated really well by our friends @ DOLLAR RENT-A-CAR, as Marianne hooked us up with a Badass Black Cherokee.

But to be grateful is an understatement when you have Doc Wood work on you. In all my years of going to the dentist, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly to Corvallis, Oregon to have this done as there’s nobody better. And the assistants like Tiffany, Laura, Laurie, and Jeana were super pros. Check out the shots from the trip and if you’re in the market for some dental improvements, head on up and tell ’em Fireball sent ya.

DSC09454 DSC09456

(Read on…)

Off to OREGON today for a week…


What’s up in OREGON? Lotsa coolness.

Fresh air, trees, water, Dentist. Wait…

Hold up a tick? DENTIST?

Yes. Heading to Dixon Creek Dental for some work, primarily for my son Sean. Having his chompers improved, tweeked, modified, encapsulated. They’ll end up looking like a white Ferrari by the time these guys are finished. But, Kathie’s getting some whitening and I’m gonna have some metal removed. (If it’s gold, then I’m gonna melt it down and make me a nugget!)

We ALL have to go to the Dentist from time to time. But, it doesn’t have to be a horrible experience… if you’re grateful. So… be grateful that there’s someone out there that wants to make you look and feel better. Then SMILE and be aPAAAAATTTTEEEEEYYYYY ANIMAL!!!

Off to OREGON tomorrow…


Woosh! Can you hear the sound of the jet rocketing to OREGON? Ok, that was actually me just releasing some gas, BUT, I am off in the morning to ALBANY and CORVALIS to have some dental work done by the best dentist in the U.S., Dixon Creek Dental.

Yea, there’s a lot of practices out there, but no one has ever come close to Doc Wood and his team of gorgeous gals. He needs his own DeLorean Time Machine, seriously. I’ll be there for a week, reporting on cool stuff from the upper state. There be awesome cars and awesomer peeps, so keep here and let’s enjoy the week togedder…

What’s missing in this picture??

Ok, I want you to read this. It’s important…

Never in my life have I had such a phenomenal experience as I’ve had in the last few days. And it began last Wednesday…

I’m in Corvallis, Oregon. Why? Because I was recommended to a Dentistry up here that was truly unique. Only, far more unique than I ever could have imagined.

We all know what it’s like to go to the Dentist. Scary. Painful. Hot Sweats… But when my buddy Chris Hubbard from LifeTime Oil Filter recommended me seeing his long time friend Chris Wood… Dentist Extraordinaire, I took him up. Never… never, have I met such a tremendous group of people as the ones who run Dixon Creek Dental. I literally flew to Portland, drove down with CH to Corvallis and began a journey …of love.

When I was a kid, 2nd grade, I had a fight with the asphalt and lost. Knocked my teeth out all over the street. Since then, I’ve had a bridge. One on a retainer, and several cemented in. But over the years, I’ve had some dental challenges that resulted in me having to take some action. I’d been thinking seriously of doing this for the last year but wanted to avoid the pain.I figured ther’d be a lot.

Arriving at the Dental office in Corvallis, I was greeted by Doc Chris, assistants Tiffany and Laura and eventually Lab Master Steve from the O’Brien Dental Lab. Their warmth and kindness was overwhelming. The place was beautiful. NOT something you receive from a Dental office.

Over the next three days, my teeth went through one of the most advanced technical processes in the industry. Computer Imaging, Laser Light, Digital Milling and more. I had never seen anything like it. But beyond all the tech was a family of people so warm and inviting that they accepted me as one of their own. Even little Sam treated me like an Uncle. (Today’s her birthday.) All as if I was a brother they were working on. …And we had fun.

We all have to go to the dentist. We all have dental issues. We all have to make choices. And we are all a product of our choices. What we believe is what’s true for us. And I believe that this group of people is the very best at what they do. Why?

…Because they love it. And because they love it, they gave me a gift. The gift of an experience I’ll never forget. And I want to thank each one of them for that.Now, you may scoff at the idea that one would go to the dentist and have a good time. How could that happen? Well, all I can say is that I will never go anywhere else. My family is here.

If you need work done on your teeth, there is no one better than Chris Wood and his team. The girls are gentle and kind. They will raise your confidence to new heights… and smile the whole way.

Thank you, guys. My appreciation isn’t enough. But now, I am an Official Smile Millionaire…

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