Today’s Challenge… Be BIGGER than you are.


Every day you get faced with challenges. And, as a human being like me, some you overcome and some you get to face again. Oh, joy…. But overcoming means growth and that’s what we all want. Growth into more Peace, Joy and the Good Life. A Life Perfected. And this you CAN have.

Is it actually possible? Do you BELIEVE it’s possible? Well,… it is. Many have done it before us and many will continue to get better, bigger and more perfected. But if you don’t believe this, just keep going. You will, and you’ll see that your life can be cooler than it currently is… a lot cooler.

Today, smooth out all the bumps, arguments and tribulations by just thinking about how great things are. Focus on what you have that’s good. Making your life cool is an art. An art anyone can do. So get to it and tell me what you have to look forward to today in the post below.