Hollywood Doodads: Avengers, Dark Knight, Haywire, Trek

What are Doodads?

Bits of Hollywood and Cars rolled into a soft warm burrito. Ok… that was weird. BUT! Here’s some posters from AVENGERS, a DARK KNIGHT Motorcycle Suit, Poster from Steven Soderbergh’s HAYWIRE and a Trek Mailbox to boot. Done and done…

Hollywood DOODADS: Amazing Spiderman, MIB3, Sherlock Holmes, Heroes and Villains

Ok, today I’m introducing a new section entitled DOODADS. Little o’ this and a little ‘o that from TinsleTown. Cars, Movies, whatnot. So, from time to time, you’ll get bits and pieces of Hollywood Coolness all wrapped in a tight lil’ package. And for today?

AMAZING SPIDERMAN Concept Art of the LIZARD. Top secret MEN IN BLACK 3 Poster, the all new SHERLOCK HOLMES Poster and a cool piece of art called “Heroes and Villains.”