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DragChair copy


I designed these chairs to be premiered at SEMA, built by my good friend Christopher Hubbard of HUBB FILTERS. See the filters on the side? We shot 10 episodes of Hollywood Garage there, which you can see here on Youtube. They turned out great with the TVs in the back. Pictured here is Dan Woods of “Chop, Cut, Rebuild.”


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My Daily Sketch… the DRAGCHAIRS #dragster #racing #design #sema



These awesome chairs were built by my good friend Christopher Hubbard of 37Degree Filters for SEMA last year from my original concept. See how coolness gets cooler? Now, if I can just get them into my living room.


Fireball Tim’s Hollywood Garage announces SEMA builds…

Wow, that sounds official. Guess I better get my act together…

But, here’s the skinny. If you’ve been listening to the Podcast Show, you’ll know we’re prepping PROJECT KING TAHOE at the shop along with cars for Avengers. Wups, did I just say that in bold? Ignore that… And above… is what King Tahoe will become. A 1997 Chevrolet Tahoe with some interesting stuff. Sponsors right now include SONY, Lifetime Oil Filter, Cinema Vehicles, Kurv Wheels, Pulstar Plugs, K&N Engineering and Styles Striping. But there’s more coming…

But why a 1997 Chevy Tahoe? Because it’s an everyman’s car. The concept behind this year’s build isn’t a trailer queen. Why? Because not everyone can build one. This car is being built at 52 mods over 52 weeks. 1 Mod a week is all we ask. And that… anyone can do.

But… here’s something else. I got an bug up my butt to create something cool because we’ll be filming and doing the Podcast LIVE. Something comfy cool to interview celebs in And then I showed to to Christopher Hubbard of Lifetime Oil Filter. And what did he say? “Let’s build that, Fireball!!!”

So, the DRAGCHAIRS™ will be premiering at SEMA also. Thanks to Christopher and his team. They’ll also be at The LA Auto Show and possibly San Diego. Shwing!