Fireball Tim Dragtracks featured on THE CAR ROOM TV…

My good friend Joe Kelly from THE CAR ROOM TV has done a spectacular video review for our Dragtracks System. Joe’s got a great mag and an even better gig. Big thanks, Joe! Check out the EPISODE here…

Listen to this week’s Podcast on Friday as we discuss Joe and why Dragtracks fun is off the chart!

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It’s Friday and the week’s over? NOT EVEN…

So much to get done today, it’s not even funny. But, it is fun. Headin’ to the shop this morning to discuss possibilities of a new build for a toy company. Full size diecast? And speaking of cool cars, The Diecast Space Super Convention in Vegas is coming up in February, so we’re planning some coolness with TomZ from Johnny Lightning. BAD MOOD #2 will be abundant. Have you gotten your BAD MOOD #1 yet?

Then, the day will take me to buy foam and fleece for a new NINTENDO Commercial we’re doing through KCL, then to the vacuum former to drop off something that we’re doing for Chelsea Lately Show. That episode will air this month and has to do with her brother Roy’s head. You’ll see us create something right on camera for his massive noggen. And Elphis Presley continues to make his appearance on ELLEN.

Then, back to the Fireball Pad for convos on DragTracks and Lifetime Oil Filter. DRAGTRACKS are now available for Christmas!! Woo Hoo! And look for an all new FT World of Cars Episode on Lifetime Oil Filters that will air this weekend.

Whew. Now, where’s my coffee?

Awesome RCX SHOW highlights!!

Wow, what a great show! The energy was incredible and we had a blast with over 20,000 people attending!! The show turnout was far greater than expected, with huge numbers of kids, parents, vendors and super cool cars!

Big thanks to all those that made it such a great show. Brian from RCX, Paul Nigh and his Back to the Future Delorean, SportChassis Trucks, Bryn Faulkner and his awesome Tattoos. I even got to shoot it with Superstar San Diego Linebacker, Kevin Burnett. We also premiered our new DRAGTRACKS SYSTEM. Awesome.

Wups. Spent a little too much on diecast. Oh, well…. Check out the highlights!!

Next up? Heading to Orlando for RIDEMAKERZ!!

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Announcing Fireball Tim DRAGTRACKS!!!

Holy cow, this is the best thing to happen in diecast since,… well, the first diecast car!!! I’m so excited about this new system that I can’t wait until I can pop it outta the box and play with it myself! And… I HAVE! Check it out!

We revealed a prototype at the Diecast Convention in Vegas over the weekend and it was a huge success, so you guys have to check it out. There’s nothing out there like it, and when I say it’s just like REAL DRAG RACING.. I mean it! Even Chip and I did the drags. Who won? Not gonna say… Ok fine, he laid the smackdown… but I couldn’t beat the Chipster, right?

Head to my all new website and check out the super cool DRAGTRACKS system. Whether you’re a kid, adult, or somewhere in between, you’re gonna have a blast!!

And don’t miss out on becoming a Dragtracks Fan on Facebook!!!