FLASHBACK! WATCH Fireball take out the DODGE CHALLENGER Dukes-Style… @Dodge #Challenger #DukesofHazzard #Car


My Daily Sketch… THE ADMIRAL


This piece was part of a series taking regular movie cars and tuning them pimp style. A step up if the boys of Hazzard County suddenly built a SEMA car… Cool.

Fireball on AOL’s “You’ve Got…”

Cool… Hollywood Car Coolness, now on AOL…

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A day at the SHOP…

Barris Beach Buggy

Thursday, and I was at the shop doin’ ma thang. And lo! There were cool cars a piddlin’ everywhere! I had a meeting with people I can’t mention about a new show that I can’t mention. BUT, I can show you some cool cars for the week…

One of Barris’ classic beach buggies appeared out of nowhere, along with several cool classics, Police Car in the paint booth, GEM cars, the original #1 hero General Lee from the TV Show and a host of quirky others including several Police cars for the 8th Season of “24.” LOVE THAT SHOW!

My life sucks… OH! And I’m bringing this cool orange caddy to the HB Show next weekend! Yes, it’s BIG and ORANGE. Like my hair.