Ride of the Week… EFRAIN MORALES and his ’64 Chevy Fleetside

“The truck was a gift from my dad. He found it up in Fresno back in 2010.”

These were the first words spoken by Efrain Morales, whom I met recently at Wheels and Waves here in Malibu. He’s a super nice guy who, in my opinion, performed the perfect truck rescue.

As you may or may not know, 10 percent of our proceeds in my business goes to a Dog Rescue called Hope for Paws in LA. And in many ways, Efrain (Efro) did the same thing with this 1964 Chevy Fleetside Long Bed C10 Pickup.

“It was a farm truck that someone had abandoned at a mechanic shop for over 20 years,” started Morales. “The owner of the shop was getting ready to retire and just wanted to clear out his shop, so my pops got it for $1,000.”

And that, my friends, is what we call a steal.

As the owner of Morales Transport Corporation, Morales is now the proud owner of this big window C10. And since purchasing the “Trokita,” some of the upgrades he’s performed are a 350 engine with 700R4 transmission, front disk brakes and 2 1/2” drop spindles.

“Also, a 2” body drop,” adds Morales. “It’s been C-Notched and bagged, allowing me to lay frame.”

And that, my friends, is what we call slammed. Welcome to the cool school.

Then Morales began to give me more of the background story.

As the owner of a fleet of big rigs, it’s very typical to spend Saturdays driving around picking up parts for his mechanic to keep the trucks on the road.

“I guess you can say it’s a necessity,” Morales said.

“But the best part of my truck is when it takes people on a trip down memory lane,” he said. “Typically, the older folks have the best stories.”

But how does Morales primarily use this truck? His favorite thing to do is to take it on a Sunday cruise, such as one that recently brought him out to Wheels and Waves here in the ’Bu.

But how about a funny story?

“The first cruise after getting it bagged was from Boyle Heights in Venice Beach,” starts Morales. “After hanging out at the beach, I was heading to the freeway at about 2 [inches] off the ground, thinking I looked cool, when I hit a metal plate on the road. It literally stopped me and it felt like I hit a wall. Not having any real way of knowing how low I was, the metal plate made it clear that it was too low. I quickly aired up and drove off.”

And that, my friends, is what we call an oops. I’m sure he left a little C10 divot in the road for good measure.

But, as we always wrap up Ride of the Week with a little love for the ’Bu, according to Morales “the best part about driving from the Boulevard up PCH to Malibu has to be the scenery. A beautiful backdrop for a quick photoshoot. Also, you got to love nicely paved roads where you can cruise low to the ground and enjoy the ocean view.”

(Yep, that’s a plus and what we call freedom.)

Check out Morales on Instagram @efro64 to see more pics of his “Trokita,” from start to finish. And take a moment to ponder how you’d perform a horsepower rescue. Somewhere out there is a lost, lonely vehicle in need of freedom. And you, my friends, are the rescuers. And that’s what we call done.

Have a great week, folks!

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