ELLEN DEGENERES 2018 CHRISTMAS MASCOT BUILD – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 871 – What were Kathie and Fireball doing during the Malibu Fire? Building a Reindeer, of course. Today’s episode features the Mascot build for the Ellen Degeneres Show. It’s nuts.

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WATCH! Kathie’s Secret Ellen DeGeneres Project REVEALED!!!

Yep, the cat’s outta the bag with what Kathie’s been working on for the last few months here in Malibu. It’s Ellen’s new Game Show episode called KNOCKIN’ BOOTS.

These were 8.5 feet tall Cowboy Boots that actually kick people off stage. See the build photos and videos below.

All built by Kathie and our team here in the Bu.

Despite the painful build process, looks like these girls are getting the sh$# kicked outta them!


STRANGE WEEK IN THE 2017 TOYOTA PRIUS V – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 694 – All week, Fireball’s been driving the 2017 Toyota Prius V, finally culminating at Warner Bros Studios to deliver Kathie’s costume project to Ellen Degeneres’ Halloween Show.

The Toyota Prius v (for versatile), also named Prius A in Japan, and Prius+ in Europe, is a full hybrid gasoline-electric compact MPV/station wagon produced by Toyota Motor Corporation introduced in Japan in May 2011, in the U.S. in October 2011, and released in Europe in June 2012.

The Prius v was unveiled at the January 2011 North American International Auto Show alongside the Prius c Concept, and it is the first Prius variant to be spun off from the Prius platform.

According to Toyota the “v” stands for “versatility”.

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What is Ellen DeGeneres next CHRISTMAS MASCOT? – FMV485

Fireball Malibu Vlog 485 sends Fireball & Kathie to Warner Bros Studios to deliver Kathie’s latest Mascot creation to Ellen Degeneres for her 12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS episodes! Plus, some great Creative Inspiration. SHARE Today’s Vlog!



Today’s Episode : Fireball sneeks into the LA Auto Show for a sneek peek after a day of meetings at the WB. Meanwhile, Kathie builds a Tentacle. WTF?


KCL Builds SLOTHY THE SLOWMAN for Ellen DeGeneres 12 Days of Christmas… #ellendegeneres @theellenshow


Since ELLEN DeGENERES has been airing for the last couple of days, we can finally reveal what I designed and Kathie built for Ellen’s 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS this year. It’s “SLOTHY THE SLOWMAN.” Basically, a Sloth wearing a Snowman Costume. Video coming soon, but here’s the reveal and a couple of Behind the Scenes shots…

Check out some of the other Mascots in earlier years.


Watch! KCL Builds a BIG BOOTY for Ellen DeGeneres… #elendegeneres #bigbooty #mascot #costume

DSC05458 copy

This was Ellen’s Mascot a few years back, but certainly was… a BIG BOOTY. Her new Mascot is about to be revealed, so make sure you watch her show and then SUBSCRIBE to the KCL Page here.

KCL’s ELLEN DeGENERES Christmas Mascot complete… #mascot #mascots #christmas

As of this posting, Kathie and I are on set with Ellen DeGeneres to block shots for her upcoming 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways. Kathie has been building this new Mascot (her 7th for Ellen) for the last 3 weeks with the big reveal on Monday. Of course we can’t tell you what it is, but how about a few obscure shots?

Here’s last year’s reveal also…




KCL COSTUMES confirmed for Ellen DeGeneres’ 12 Days of Christmas… This is #7! #costumes #mascots #mascot #ellendegeneres

You could say that my wife is on a roll. For about 7 years now… Today confirms that Kathie will be building Ellen DeGeneres’ 7th Christmas Mascot for her successful daytime show. If you can’t remember all of them, don’t worry… here they are.

Hot Toddy, O’ Mag, Big Booty, Elphish, Hot Mess & Holly Berry.

What will #7 be? And what star will be wearing it? Ohhhh, no. You’re not gonna get that from me. Not even if you email me 10 pounds of Milk Chocolate!

Wait. Can that be done? Seriously…

EllenShow Picture 7 DSC05458Final3 EllenHotMess Ellen2

HOLLY BERRY makes first appearance on ELLEN…

Kathie’s Costume has finally been revealed after 2 months of secrecy. She’s HOLLY BERRY and will grace Ellen’s show for the next “12 Days of Christmas.” See DAY 1 here…