ENDER’S GAME Audi Fleet Shuttle Up Close… #audi #endersgame

Not sure how innovative this Audi from ENDER’S GAME really is, as the design overall is fairly bland. But their approach was clean, so you gotta respect that. Take a look and then drop your thoughts in the COMMENTS below.

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Today’s POSTERS… Ender’s Game & RoboCop

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Concept for the Week ’tis SLEEK… ENDER’S GAME

Audi-Concept2-Enders Game copy

Car Design is everywhere. Even in your clothes. You’d be surprised how designers who originally started out doing cars have expanded into products, fashion, movies and everywhere. Big coolness like this… is where it all starts. These images from the upcoming ENDER’S GAME.

Audi-Concept1-Enders Game copy  Audi-Concept4-Enders Game copy



Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Elysium, EX3, Ender’s Game

Art-of-Elysium-Cover copy

• Cool images from the new book, ELYSIUM: THE ART OF THE FILM. Mostly bad guys. Elysium open August 9th and the book is available now.

• Harrison Ford is signed to EXPENDABLES 3. The boys have to band together to break him out of Carbonite. Oh, you think I’m kidding? (Bruce Willis is out!)

ENDER’S GAME new Trailer looks like a movie made to be… a Game. Which, it will be. Watch.

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POSTERS! Ender’s Game, White House Down, Wolverine!

EndersGameTeaserPosterbig590-01 White-House-Down-Teaser-Poster2-535x792 wolverine_ver3 wolverine_ver4