MOVIEBITS… Star Wars, Man of Steel,


Here’s a bit of this & a bit of that. Great SW EP7 Poster of an older Luke Skywalker for by artist NOTO, the Exclusive new Total Film Cover with MAN OF STEEL (above) and a Behind-The-Scenes shot from the music session for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS.

luke-skywalker-episode-VII_Fireball-Tim1 Star-Trek-Into-Darkness-scoring-session-3-550x550

Christmas, SCI-FI style…

Yes, the holidays are a time for being a bit outrageous with cheer. And this dood wanted to express his love for Trek by building a TrekTree of lights. Cool, huh?

Next, he’s doing a Klingon Warbird full size with a William Shatner head on top. It’s called a BirdShat. Hm….