Discovery Monday’s “EXTREME RIDES”

If you didn’t get a chance to see “EXTREME RIDES” on Discovery a few weeks back, it’s on again this Monday, the 21st. Lots of cool cars are covered, so check it out. 8 and 11pm pst.

Coming up soon is “WORLD MOST EXPENSIVE RIDES” The Series. 13 episodes of the most expensive, coolest, ridiculous vehicles on the planet. Cars, Bost, Planes. And I got to ride in them all! …Not.

I did sit a Bugatti Veyron once, though. Sans the cup holders…


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Fireball invades DISCOVERY CHANNEL Friday!

Oh, goodie. Now I get to cause trouble nationwide!


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Yesterday, I hung out with the guys from the TV Show ‘EXTREME RIDES.” A Discovery Channel show where they ask automotive experts to give their opinions on certain extreme cool cars. (See Eleanor to the left?) So, they came to CVS and we did an interview. Me? An expert? All I know is that I like cool cars… and Mountain Dew.

What cars? Well, you’ll have to watch the show to find out in January. But here’s one… And since I have several of these puppies in my garage… NOT, I had a lot to say. Duh. But, we had fun just the same.

No cup holder. No sunroof. Sixteen Radiators. Well, I guess you have to give in a little sometimes…

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