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FacebookFireball What’s happening in the world of seriously COOL CARS and ACTION MOVIES? Don’t have the time to read blogs? Then Facebook & Twitter are for those that are on the go, on their phone and part of the Thunderbirds Team. (That last one I just threw in there was a movie reference. How cool was THAT!!)

Ok, just come friend me up so we can have fun. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it. ( I DID IT AGAIN!!! WOOOHOOOO!!!!)

The FT FACEBOOK Fan Page is now smooth sailing… #facebook #pinterest #instagram


If you hadn’t noticed, the FT Facebook Fan Page has disappeared. No posting for the last 2 weeks as we tried to resolve a GLITCH that appeared out of nowhere.

But, as all things ALWAYS end well here at the Pad, an ALL NEW FAN PAGE has now been re-launched and will be even better! (Don’t forget to HIT THE LIKE BUTTON so you can get the best of HOLLYWOOD ACTION, COOL CARS and the Wacko…)

And what’s more, The FT Website will be getting an overhaul too, making it more mobile friendly, simpler and just plain cooler. Thanks for the awesome comments and the patience as we worked things out. You guys rock!

As always, you can hit me up on PINTEREST or INSTAGRAM too.

The FT Facebook Page has EXPLODED…


For some unknown reason, my Facebook Page has officially borked. You may be able to see it, but we cannot post to it as of last Monday. Anything that has gone up was from a share from other networks. So…

I may have to start fresh. No big deal. The world is not coming to an end. The filling in Twinkies haven’t suddenly become good for you. Nothing earth shattering.

Keep posted here for an UPDATE, but life will go on and the coolness… as always, BEGINS HERE. May the Friday be With You.

Fireball unveils ALL NEW Facebook Fan Page…

Over the coming weeks, the BRAND NEW FACEBOOK PAGE will be developing. What was originally a personal page (with it’s limited fans of 5000) is now unlimited. Why did I change this? Well, it’s because of what’s coming… Preparation is key, and you have to tell the Universe what you want… as if you already have it. So… join the fun, LIKE the page, and let’s GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!

ALL NEW Fireball Facebook Page!

Ok, so my page is filling up quick. And because lotsa people love cars like me, I’m forced to create a fan page. Why? Because I’m you’re biggest fan!

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Automotive Social Network HELL…

Or heaven as the case may be….

I was talking with my super cool Webguy, Don Burnside, the other day, mentioning how I spend a lot of time talking with people online. Hundreds actually. And when you deal with that many people, things have to go easy. Really easy.

But, some of the ASN’s (Automotive Social Networks) suck bigtime. (Check Don out btw, he’s awesome if you need a lightning fast and easy website!) It can be frustrating to find a network that is cool, and with cool cars, …and is USER FRIENDLY. The last thing you need is to see a really sweet ride and want to make a really sweet comment …only to have the network do a brain fart.

Yea, I know it’s a complex concern, but there IS an answer…

I stick with the ones that work good and fast, are designed well so that I can see the bitchin’ machines easily, and especially the ones where the people have good attitudes. My favorites are,… the newbie FUELTOPIA in Europe, STREETFIRE and Facebook. And of course, right smack here at Car Domain. (Come by and check out the others, though.)

Fueltopia is a great group of folks that love cars and causin’ a wee bit of trouble across the pond. Some seriously cool rides, but a great interface that’s easy and fun to use. Streetfire has the best videos on the web, including crashes and all around stupid car tricks and Facebook is just plain easy to use and to create a page. For yourself or even for your car! And that’s Cool.

Sharing your rides is the culture. People love to be inspired by car coolness, which is a big reason why I like meeting people and experiencing their passions. get your ride online and show it to the world. It’s what we do.


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Yes, this is my FRIEND…


…Jeanette. No joke, she really loves MINIS!

Another great reason to join me on FACEBOOK. Talk about an excellent design! And don’t forget to join The Hollywood Car Show Group!!

Bow chick a bow bow…

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