INCOMING!!!! The 2015 Fiat Abarth arrives @ The Fireball Pad… Plus, Blimps, Keanu & an Enzo…


The week is starting out with a bang as this lil’ speedster (2015 FIAT ABARTH) is arriving at THE FIREBALL PAD today here in Malibu. I’ll be spending a week carving canyons and doing what you do in a pocket rocket like this. Look out for me comin’ thru! But what’s happening the rest of the week??

TOMORROW… An exclusive CHRYSLER EVENT in Culver City will reveal some create things that the brand is doing with future cars. I’ll be meeting and talking with the President Al Gardner to see what’s up. I think a HellCat Fiat should be the topic of discussion, eh?

5MINUTE DRIVE Part 2 of my Goodyear Blimp ride with Actor DENISE CROSBY is coming soon (editing now!), PLUS a trip to Keanu Reeves’ shop to get a closer look at his ARCH MOTORCYCLES. Badass Bikes a cometh!!

And if all goes well, a drive in an ENZO FERRARI over the weekend, courtesy of FastToysClub and then a visit to SUPERCAR SUNDAY. Join me!!

FIAT’s new 500X Commercial is pretty #hysterical… #bluepill #viagra @fiat #fiat500x #smallcar



Best Dumb Driver of the Week… Don’t ask me how he did this, but it’s worth leaving up as an example of a true accomplishment…

Great stuff revealed this week, and as I cover all things COOL, here’s the HIT LIST… Plus… The news from Hollywood is thus..

Sam Neill Starring In J.J. Abrams’ “Alcatraz”

David Fincher Confirmed for “20,000 Leagues Under The Sea”

“Wrath of the Titans” Greenlit

“Avengers” logo hits…

2012 Mercedes Benz-C-Class-Coupe

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