Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Finding Dory, Planes Sequel, Zootopia, Disney


FINDING DORY will wash into theaters November 25, 2015. Wow, it will take a long time to find her. (Diane Keaton cast also.)

PLANES Sequel… PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE has been announced by Disney at D23. So, a sequel in the works already means that PLANES is officially a silent Blockbuster? Strange… don’t remember buyin’ my action figures?

• Disney’s next animated feature is ZOOTOPIA. Do other studios plan on making any movies other than Disney?


• Disney’s THE GOOD DINOSAUR is also coming. The premise? What if the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs missed Earth entirely? Awww….

• Ahhh… Lionsgate has greenlit a sequel to NOW YOU SEE ME. And no, it’s not the story of every Disney movie.


MOVIEBITS… Iron Man 3 and Finding Dory…


Very cool news in that the sequel to FINDING NEMO is FINDING DORY. Cool, because this is Ellen’s first starring role, even though she’s a fish. Gotta love that.

PLUS, an awesome diecast Iron Patriot from the new IM3.