Awesome day @bankofbooks reveals the RACER OJ 13! #carrots #art# #drawing #childrensbooks #kids


So, it’s a carrot (The OJ part), and it’s a race car driven by a Worm/Catapillar (Wormapillar). And that’s what happens when you get kids to a book store and feed them chocolate! BIG THANKS to Bank of Books!

CONFIRMED! Barnes & Noble Calabasas WACKY SEMINAR for October… @BNBuzz #books #childrensbooks


Just in! I’ll be doing a KID’S WACKY RIDES SEMINAR at the Barnes & Noble in Calabasas on October 24th at noon. This is gonna be so cool ’cause there’s tons of kids in Calabasas and we’re gonna have some fun. It’s FREE, so bring yer lil’ squirts and let’s do it. Here’s the latest schedule so far…


19th- Bank of Books– Pt Dume Malibu 10:30am

24thBarnes & Noble/ Calabasas 12noon

30th- BIG Wednesday/ World Class Motoring/ Agoura Hills 6pm


9th- Barnes & Noble/ Marina Del Rey/ 11:30am

23rd- Spectrum Club/ Pacific Palisades/ 9am


Malibu’s Webster Elementary Wacky Week/ Dates TBD

14th- Barnes & Noble/ Manhattan Beach/ 11:30am


Fireball BOOK SIGNING TOUR is the haps…


Ok, so it looks like A WACKY BOOK TOUR is coming to SoCal. And that means I’ll get to meet some of you peeps and together, we’ll create some awesome Wacky Rides. As of today, here’s the schedule at being about 2 days old… Not much yet, but soon… it’s gonna be awesome.

GOLF FORE GROWTH/ Malibu/ Sept 25

OUR LADY OF MALIBU SCHOOL/ Malibu/ Sept 30, Oct 2&4

BIG WEDNESDAY CAR SHOW/ World Class Motoring/ Oct 2 & Oct 30

SPECTRUM CLUB PALISADES/ Pacific Palisades/ Nov 23

Signings at BARNES & NOBLE coming for November. CALABASAS & MARINA DEL REY. Potentials for Pasadena, Glendale, Ventura, Santa Monica and more.

If you’ve purchased a book, I’d appreciate it if you could leave a review HERE. Thanks!




Fireball BARNES & NOBLE Kid’s Book Signing Seminar this weekend…


Super excited about this as I’ll not only be hanging at Barnes & Noble Thousand Oaks signing my kid’s bookstarting at 11am, but I’m giving a Kids Wacky Rides Seminar where we’ll create an awesome car together! Bring your lil’ squirts to this one ’cause we’re gonna have a blast!

BARNES & NOBLE Thousand Oaks (11am-12pm)
160 S. Westlake Blvd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91362

Wacky Rides Monday ARIZONA FINAL SKETCH… Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!


As it’s Tuesday, here’s the final sketch for yesterday’s episode in all its Arizonian glory. Ringtails on a Cactus Hot Rod carving by the Grand Canyon.

If you haven’t seen EPISODE 3 yet, check it out here on my YouTube Channel. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you can see the episodes every Monday!

Fireball signs BIG BOOK @ SPECTRUM CLUB PALISADES Saturday! @Spectrum_Clubs


Yahoooga! Saturday is gonna be a very cool day. I’ll be at SPECTRUM CLUB in Pacific Palisades doin’ a signing for my BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides along with tons of Moms, Kids and Gym goers. If you haven’t joined a gym or were thinking about it, then you gotta get yourself to the best gym in town.

SPECTRUM is not only chock full of the best state-of-the-art equipment and classes like Boot Camp or Yoga, but the people who run the show are awesome, kind and treat everyone as if you’re a rough diamond ready to shine. Never been a member of such a cool club. Not to mention that it overlooks PCH and the ocean! Stunning!

So, if you’re looking for something fun to try on Saturday, come by and see me starting at 10am-12noon & then hit the gym for a weight session, class or whatever suits your health coolness. Or, hit it up before and see me after for a FREE KID SMOOTHIE! Smooooth…

BIG THANKS to Diana @ SPECTRUM for having and puttin’ me in touch with the gym kids! Check out their FB & Twitter too! Gonna be an awesome day!


17383 W. Sunset Boulevard
Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

P 310-459-2582


Great Wacky Rides Book Review from PRINCESS AMONG SUPERHEROES… @mirandaleigh81 @childrens_book

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 5.30.11 AM

Big thanks to Miranda @ PRINCESS AMONG SUPERHEROES for this great review of my Wacky Rides Book. Check out her site if you’re a Mom, have a Mom, want to be a Mom or like your MOM. She’s cooool.

Wacky Rides Monday ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE… Up close!


Here’s the final sketch for EPISODE 2. If you haven’t watched it yet, then check it out HERE on YouTube. It blows snow, blades streets and guides Penguins. Cool. SHARE IT WITH YER FRIENDS!

Wacky Rides Monday Episode 2! ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE! @alaska #jetpack


SHARE this week’s episode with anyone with kids out there!! Why?

Because EVERY kids wants to see how the might Moose of Alaska get around up in the snowy state… and keep the streets clean.

It’s powerful. It’s comfortable. It’s THE ALASKAN ROCKET MOOSE! Plus, a wee bit of Bug & Sammy’s Surfboard… now in color. WATCH!!

Today’s squirt gives a BIG SMILE… #kids @kids


This is Ethan. Recently, his Mom (Cheryl) came to see me at an event to snag a copy of the Wacky Rides. So glad to see that smile from back East! BIG THANKS, Cheryl!!

If you’ve wrangled a copy too, take a pict of your child holding it and shoot it to me 2! He’ll be the next SQUIRT posted!