Watch! I think this deserves a show… KCL COSTUMES IN ACTION…


It”s Wednesday… and time for HOLLYWOOD HEROINES #pinups #superheroes #women


Some great art today from Kael Ngu, Plusnine and Magda Lenaradziej. Let these ladies inspire you to greatness… Now go get some coffee.

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The bandwagon is now full and that’s a good thing.

The goal of society is to move forward, upward, evolve in a constructive and positive direction. And although many people have a hard time doing this, it’s what they want. For things to improve. But most don’t really know how to do this.

The answer is simple in the phrase, “You are what you think.” It’s about what you consistently hold in your consciousness. Thoughts that are laced either with more fear than confidence or vice versa. The goal is to become more. To BE  more. To bet BETTER tomorrow than today. And to KNOW it.

But how do you do this? A better job? More money? Greener car? No, no and no.

We all want the same thing. It’s more PEACE. More JOY. More LOVE. More in PROSPERITY. And better HEALTH. True wealth is Harmony in all things. All things working perfectly. But these things don’t come from the outside like going to the gym. Going to the gym or a better job is an EFFECT of an original CAUSE. And what’s the cause?

How you THINK. It’s how you think that must change if you want change in your life. Do you believe you can make more money? Lose weight? Gain friends? Whatever?

Everything you have in your life started as a thought FIRST. Then, you did the thing. Your part. The ACTION. Thoughts are the CAUSE of all there is in the world.

And the answer? ONLY think thoughts of PEACE, JOY, LOVE and what you want. NEVER think poor thoughts. NEVER think NEGATIVITY. NEVER CRITICIZE. NEVER CRITICIZE!

Criticism doesn’t hurt them. It hurts YOU and keeps you LOW. Keeps you from being better in all things. Keeps you from getting more. To raise yourself in the world, you must BE THE CHANGE. Then, and only then, will things change in your outer world.

Get control of your thoughts and make it your #1 priority on life. Then watch as your life evolves into EXACTLY what you want. And if you don’t see change happen fast enough, relax and have faith. Even changing a tire takes time. An incubation period. A seed has to grow before you can see it sprout. Don’t go dig it up to check. Have faith.

This is your assignment for Saturday. And have some Hot Chocolate. Just that thought alone will make you smile.

Peace out, ma peeps.

Check out Tom Hardy as MAD MAX!

This exclusive FIRST PHOTO has just been released of Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky in MAD MAX FURY ROAD, confirmed by the Studio. This is Max’s look or at least part of it. That’s a lot of grime and his grimace suggests bad guys and cool cars, but that’s just me.


Watch! OBLIVION Trailer Ignites Tom Cruise into the future…

Very cool, although to be expected coming from director Joe Kosinski (Tron Legacy). Christopher Nolan has influenced many in the Sci-fi genre, but Joe’s style is becoming more and more apparent. Watch the trailer and tell me what you think!

2014 CORVETTE C7 secretly appears in the Gran Turismo 5 Game Demo…

These are the best shots you’ll get of the C7 until it launches soon. Unfortunately, you can’t really see ANYTHING from this setup for SONY’s Gran Turismo 5 Game platform. Kinda like a gorgeous girl wearing baggie sweats. All you want to do is stare and wait, but she’ll change soon, guaranteed 😉


Fireball’s BEST DESIGNS of the WEEK

They keep rollin’ ’em out and we keep rollin’ ’em into our garages. Why? ‘Cause they’re cool, especially the Green Rabbit. Funky Cool. And that, my friends, is DESIGN.

We’re all different, yet all the same. Cars are cars, but a Green Rabbit is… well, actually… it’s just ridiculous. I mean, it’s a Rabbit and it’s green. Did this come out on St. Patrick’s Day for some reason? Can someone explain this to me? Okay, think about this for a jiff….

Let’s do a Rabbit and paint it as green as possible. Not normal green… but GREEN. I’m sayin’ right here, right now, that this Rabbit is greener than the Prius, just ’cause it’s so green.

Okay, I’m done saying green now. Feast…

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Ben Craig’s Sci-Fi Short “Modern Times” has Hollywood in the bag…

A Short that has spectacular written all over it… And Hollywood’s listening.

MODERN TIMES from BC2010 on Vimeo.

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All new PRIEST Trailer…

Dig it… the BIKES are cool.

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Every year, I look forward to the Auto Shows because of the concepts. The ideas from the top minds of the industry. Now, you have to think about this for a moment. These people look at a sketch or two, then decide to greenlight something. Something that will cost a million bucks or more to produce. And that’s… a lot of faith.

But as they say, “Faith without Works is Dead.” So, you gotta get busy or nothing will happen. Like these concepts or not, you have to respect that the people behind them are taking great risks to achieve success. And personally… I dig the above KIA KV7 outta the bunch. Good on ya, Kia Doods.

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