Today’s BADASSERY… Cadillac, 1938 and Hoonigans PICK YOUR POISON

Today’s CAR STORIES Ep23 is a Beer Power’d ’73 Pontiac Firebird!!

Click here to watch this video on the Beer Powered Pontiac Firebird on YouTube.

FIREBALL MOVIE ART… #Firebirds #ClassicCool #Concept #CarDesign #Toys #Diecast @shadbalch

FirebirdBlkFrontSml FirebirdBlkRearSml

These designs I did as a series of toy concepts based on GM’s original MOTORAMA Concept Cars of the 50’s. Sadly, the toys were never made, but check out some of the casts AFTER THE JUMP that finally showed up, although pretty rough and bad proportioned. I still own the designs, so if any of you have a toy company… 😉


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My Daily Sketch… THE NIGHTHAWK


This sketch was done for a series of toys reflecting the Motorama cars of the 50’s… updated and cool. Cha.