TESLA MODEL E revealed along with FISKER ATLANTIC… #fisker #teslamodele

Tesla Model E_1

Although the Tesla you see here is a render, this is the closest we’ve come to seeing what the MODEL E will look like. It’s a BMW killer all the way. Plus, it looks like FISKER will be back in town and they’ll not only be producing more Karmas, but the ATLANTIC you see here is well on the way. So exciting that electric is here to stay.

Tesla Model E_2Fisker-Atlantic1Fisker-Atlantic2

FISKER snags $100 Million In Funding To Build The ATLANTIC…

“Boom. Big bucks in ma pocket means I’m gonna build me an awesome car.” Can’t you see Fisker saying that? I can. ‘Course, he probably said it in German. Let’s see…

“Buum. Snickerdoodle heins shleebin woot bucks ein mi packete achtung baby awesome car.” Yea, I can speak German. Noooo problem.

Way to go, Henrik. Good on ya, brutha. Now, go fix the Karma.