SECRET MALIBU COPPER DOME HOUSE REVEALED! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 803 – Fireball and Paul Grisanti in the Fisker, hit 3 homes in the Bu, one being a Secret Malibu Copper Dome House REVEALED!

Fisker, Point Break & Optimus Prime – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 208

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The FISKER KARMA is an Agent of Change… (Review)


The best cars on the planet are in a race. A very serious race. A race to be the best, out in front, the leader of the ultimate driving blah, blah, blah. And you see and hear it everywhere. It’s overwhelming. My town, your town, every town has banner ads, commercials, billboards and the Superbowl. And they all want you to see them… not necessarily as what they are, but what they are striving to be.

Now, many have achieved true greatness. Machines that do exactly what they say. A great driving experience, supple this and powerful that. But really, take off a lot of those badges and what do you have? A lot of confusion. Many have trouble separating themselves from the pack.

Cars today look a lot alike. Some have been able to transcend the jelly bean look in lieu of sharp, crisp and inventive lines. Some have even blown your minds with their visions of concept cars or power plants. Some have created absolute marksmanship. And some… actually… just one… has done something else. Entirely something else…

Henrik Fisker’s KARMA is not really a car at all. According to Vice President/Global Design, Alexander Klatt… “It’s a Statement of Consciousness.” And I am one to agree. A bright shining star among a cluster of many beautiful stars. But what makes Fisker brighter and more intense is that it’s goal doesn’t seem to be to sell cars at all. Curious, I thought at first. It’s goal… seems to be to create a visionary future of infinite possibilities. A future where people are aware in a way that transcends themselves. What do I mean by this?

In many ways, our world is comprised of fear. People are locked in “What if” scenarios that imprison them without them knowing it. “What if I’m late? What if we hear bad news? What if I don’t get the job?” This fear causes them to be locked in themselves in a perpetual worrisome future. And that gets interpreted as a selfish point of view. Not bad selfish, but just unable to see beyond themselves… and what’s causing fear. Unable to create Peace and Harmony in their lives. You know these people, don’t you?

Driving a cool car while you’re in this kind of state actually makes the car insignificant. Who cares if you’re driving a 600hp whatever if you’re afraid and worried that it’s gonna get dinged or whether you can afford the next payment. Who cares if it cost $60K when you’re jealous of the dood that just bought a car for $120K. That kind of thinking keeps you out of the present. And the present is where all your answers lie.


When you enter a Karma, something happens. Something unexpected. And what happens is that you actually enter and stay in the present…

The Karma is so full of extraordinary ideas and innovations that it “holds” you like a gentle 10 foot wave of consciousness that promises to take you on the ride of your life. Not with a roar, but with a silent peace that opens your eyes to a whole new world.

Now, I’ve driven many cars over the years… and joked that I didn’t want to send them back because they were too cool. But the experience in the Karma made me seriously think about packing up all my stuff and disappearing… forever. But, alas… none of my stuff would fit. And that... led me to the idea of leaving it all behind.

What makes the Karma a conscious bright light? A list too long to envision here, but there are some examples. The wood trim in the car comes solely from downed trees. Submerged, Forest Fires, Fallen Mahogany and many others. In fact, they are the only ones using it in this way. The leaf skeletons in the interior are touches of opulence that open your eyes to beauty. The EcoChic interior in this Inferno Red Edition kept me transfixed by stating that leather may be a thing of the past and that luxury should be more about the expansion of ideas and positive permanent change. And finally, the Solar Panel roof is the only one of it’s kind by shaping itself into an arc reminiscent of the earth’s horizon.

A 50 mile range on full Electric means that with my lifestyle, I would rarely go to the gas station, if ever. But the gas assist extends the range to over 300 miles if you suddenly get a bug to head to Vegas. Although, in this car, you’d probably opt to go see the redwoods instead. At an average of 53mpg, 403hp and over 900ftlbs torque, this 5300lb baby has no problem doing ANYTHING but causing shock by it’s stunning design. People stopped me constantly to ask what it was, take pictures and comment on it’s grace and elegance. I was driving a concept car. But, with how it places you in a state of bliss, the idea of racing a Ferrari becomes completely childish. Just knowing you have a CO2 emission of 188g/mile gave me an eternal calmness that bled throughout my day, in and out of the car.


What we all want comes down to very few things. Peace, Joy, Prosperity, Love, Health. And all the things and doodads we want always leads to one of these, otherwise, we wouldn’t want them. But, for the first time, I’ve driven a car that actually represent all these things. The idea that I could drive it again is overwhelming, but the idea of being able to share the experience with passengers becomes a mission.

Henrik and his team are Agents of Change. They know that change comes from incremental strategic and focused movements, shifting the race towards oneness. They’ve created a product that just happens to be a car, but in actuality is an ambassador for good. My visit to Fisker and my talk with Alex (to see what else is coming) enlightened me to realize that there are people out there that are not in the car race at all, but are blazing a whole new trail in a 21st Century direction. And they also realize that change, in no matter what form, is always good because they choose for it to be that way. The Fisker Karma is a wise vehicle for an all new way of thinking. Not because it’s electric or looks awesome, but because of the people that give themselves no choice but to be greater each day. A perspective and inspiration we can all benefit from to make all our lives richer.

“The greatest remedy in the world is change. And change implies the passing of the old into the new. It is also the only path that leads from the lesser to the greater, from the dream to the reality, from the wish to the heart’s desire fulfilled. It is change that brings us everything we want. It is the opposite of change that brings us that which we don’t want.

But change is not always external. Real change, or rather the cause of all change, is always internal. It is change in the within that always produced change in the without. To go from place to place is not a change unless it produces a change of mind- a renewal of mind. It is a change of mind that is the change desired. It is the renewal of mind that produces better health, more happiness, greater power, the increase of life, and the consequent increase that is all that is good in life.

And the constant renewal of mind- the daily change of mind- is possible regardless of times, circumstances of places. He who can change his mind every day and think the new about everything every day, will always be well; he will always have happiness; he will always be free; his life will always be interesting; he will constantly move forward into the larger, the richer and the better; and whatever is needed for his welfare today, of that he shall surely have an abundance.”

Christian D. Larson

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A day @ FISKER…


Today was super cool, thanks to Alex Klatt of FISKER. He’s the head honcho for their design team and despite the suit, is a rock n’ roller all the way.

Scott Robertson, Daniel Simon and I went down to Anaheim to visit their top secret design facility and got to see what these guys are doing to create awesome rides. What you see here isn’t so top secret though as I can’t show you what we actually saw, but what I can reveal are great shots of Alex taking us through the SURF, SUNSET and KARMA Concepts.

Fisker has some great plans for the future and I’ll go into that a bit in my review later this week, but to say it’s exciting is an understatement.

DSC04463 DSC04467 DSC04468 DSC04469 DSC04470 DSC04472 DSC04475

CRAZY WEEK ahead is full of COOLNESS…


Yea, it’s one of those weeks, for sure. Here at The Fireball Pad, there’s all kinds of stuff goin’ on. Malibu is a place for creative activity and it’s fun & rewarding. So let’s get to it…

Heading out this morning early to take the FISKER KARMA back. But this time, Kathie, Scott Robertson and Daniel Simon are coming for a grand tour of the facility in Anaheim. Behind the scenes if you will, but after having this car for a week, it should be an incredible time. Gonna see what Alex Klatt (Chief Designer) is up to for the future of the car company. Did a photo shoot of the car at Free Beach near Pt. Dume yesterday with the sun going down. It was awesome… Review coming later this week.

Back here at the Pad, Kathie has started on a special top-secret costume for the SUPERBOWL. Yea, small job. 😉 But when it’s done, you’ll know it couldn’t have been for anything else and it ships Friday.

BUG got a trim yesterday. Not happy. Made me think of how difficult it must be for surgeons. Although thier patient isn’t moving around all the time, so they actually have it easy. And… get paid a whopping amount. So…

I am now offering my services to trim your dog for only $36K. Each. I know it’s a bit high, but I have to figure out a way to recycle all that hair. Cha. Just email me for an appointment.

Off the heels of the event over the weekend at DSP, my first Book Signing is happening in Malibu at DIESEL. And BIG THANKS to Malibu’s The Godmother, as she’s gonna be baking some of the most incredible cookies on the planet for guests! (Check out here site.) Lots to prepare for you guys and I hope that some of you can make it because it’s gonna be a blast! Malibu Surfside News is pumpin’ an article to go with the event, so BIG THANKS to them, too. Regardless of which paper/blog you write for, the bigger picture is that Malibuites work together to create cool stuff. And that’s why this town rocks.

The 2013 Cadillac ATS comes in later this week. One of the most powerful Caddys ever built. Let’s hope it comes in red… 😉

Christopher Hubbard from 37 Degree Filters is down in LA for some future discussion about the brand and the Lifetime Oil Filter. So grateful to be involved with a company that is so passionate about cleanin’ up the plaent. But before we talk, he’s in dire need of a phoney baloney sandwich @ John’s Garden. Best sandwich on the planet if you haven’t had it yet.

Seem like a lot? It’s only Monday doods and doodettes. Just wait until tomorrow…

DESIGN STUDIO PRESS Book Launch goes Kid Crazy!!


Holy Can a Loonie Bins!! Fantastic event yesterday at DSP for the Book Launch. Huge turnout from MPG like Melissa Knight and Bobby Holland & Designers/Authors. BIG THANKS to Scott Robertson, and Tinti Dey for all thier hard work in setting this up and to all the folks that attended, along with the crayon wielding kids!

The guest list of talent was incredible. We had designers like Harald Belker, Daniel Simon, Stuart Macy, Alex Klatt from FISKER and the incredible automotive art legend, Harold Cleworth! Be sure to check out the photos on my FB Page here as well as DSP’s. Again, BIG THANKS to all that came and looking forward to the next event in Malibu on the 10th!

Off to pick up a FISKER…

Out this morning and heading to FISKER HQ in Anaheim. Gettin’ a tour and then picking up an Inferno Red version for the next week. Tomorrow, I head to San Diego for an appearance on the TV Show OVERDRIVE. Gonna feature the car there and should be a blast.

The Fisker’s powerplant is a lot like the Volt, but with a larger battery extender, up to 50mpg. Plus another 250 miles on gas. But a 50 mile range makes it so that you really wouldn’t need gas… unless you have to go to San Diego, duh. Stay tuned for some numbers and few days if Fiskin’ around… If you see me in Malibu or in town, stop me for some chocolate. 😉

Red-dune-side-profile Overdrive

What’s goin’ on this week at THE FIREBALL PAD…


As always, there’s cool stuff happening here at the Pad. Why? Well, that’s a really good question…

Most people do their day-2-day in “have to” mode. Like… I gotta got to the store and get stuff. OR… I gotta pick up the kids. Have to do this, have to do that. But there was a day in my life where I decided I wasn’t gonna have to do anything anymore. What I needed more of… was gratitude for what I had. So… I decided that instead to having to do things, I’d GET to do them.

Getting to do things is like a little kid. I get to sit up front. I get to go to the zoo. I get to go out and play. Something to look forward to and that forced me to look at the positive side of all things.

Now, I get to take out the trash. Why? Why is that good? Because it means that my house is clean and I’m grateful to all the guys that work so hard in the city to take my trash away. Without them, it would be piled in front of my house. And that would suck.

I get to go up and buy groceries. How is that cool? Because there’s many people that can’t. And I need to be grateful that I can do that.

So… here at the Fireball Pad, getting to do stuff is cool. And I get to do stuff every day, like today is a day at the Publisher to talk about getting the book out to kids, PLUS showing them sketches for BOOK 2 for the first time! Exciting. Also some special DESIGN PROJECTS that are currently in the works. I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that.

EPISODE 8 of 5MINUTE DRIVE goes online today, so expect to see it on my YouTube Channel tonight. Special guest is Fireball Pop (Anthony Lawrence) and the 2013 KIA Optima. He’s a pretty funny dood and I hope you guys enjoy it. Tomorrow a meeting on a TV Show.

But this pales in comparison to next week! That’s when the FISKER shows up and we head to San Diego to film the show OVERDRIVE and then the DSP Open House Launch Party.

For today… look at things like a GIFT. You get to do these things and they should make you feel good to do them because there’s good in EVERYTHING. You just have to choose to see it. So choose your thoughts wisely and the effects will begin to better. You’ll see. It never fails.

LA Auto Show “CONCEPT WEEK” begins with Fisker, Mercedes & Jag

What an awesome day today. Hung out with buddy Matt Farah from The Car Show and Fisker CEO, Henrik Fisker (above). Now his car (The Karma) is changing everything (I’ll get into that later.) But we went to school together and so I thought it appropriate to start with some cool Art Center Clay Concepts below. It’s “Concept Week” here with the Fireball, so let’s take a look at what’s cool. (Although, every day is gonna be cool, right? 😉

From Mercedes and Monster to Jag and an Electric Bike Concept, cool ideas are abundant. Each day I’ll bring you another LAAS Concept in detail. Tomorrow? The Acura NSX…


FISKER snags $100 Million In Funding To Build The ATLANTIC…

“Boom. Big bucks in ma pocket means I’m gonna build me an awesome car.” Can’t you see Fisker saying that? I can. ‘Course, he probably said it in German. Let’s see…

“Buum. Snickerdoodle heins shleebin woot bucks ein mi packete achtung baby awesome car.” Yea, I can speak German. Noooo problem.

Way to go, Henrik. Good on ya, brutha. Now, go fix the Karma.