Today’s MAD MOVIE CAR! Flintstones Rockmobiles…



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Fireball gets Flintstoned…

Hanging out at the shop reveals some interesting things. First, you have to move cars. In. Out. Here. There. It’s a pain… unless, they Flintstonemobiles! In one of THESE cars, you can make like a tree and leave!

And then second… there’s the candy machine. I got it rigged. Cha.

Day at the SHOP…

Hangover Mercedes

So, I guess the movie HANGOVER is doing well. That’s a good thing for us. It’s tough to create cars for movies and have the movie tank like a P51 in flames, but it happens all the time. KNIGHT RIDER, MYSTERY MEN, etc… BAM! CRASH! KAPLOW!

But when a movie does well, then it feels good. Everyone’s work is rewarded. The shop here employs a lot of talented craftsmen. About 40 right now, but 100 when we’re rockin.’ Mechanics, painters, fiberglass doods. Motorcycle Rick, in our graphics department is awesome, Bob and Oscar in the front office constantly on the phones with the studios. (Doin’ 24 Season 8 now.) Fun stuff.

But what’s cool is the fact that the shop itself is like a living breathing creature. Cars are moving in and out all day. I come in one day a week and there’s all new stuff to see. Like going to Disneyland once a week and there’s an all new ride. Cars below are from THE FLINTSTONES, STREET TUNER CHALLENGE, CHARLIE’S ANGELS, GET SMART, FAST & FURIOUS 4. Next week, there will be all new stuff.

It’s a blessing to do what you love. People waste a lot of time not taking action in that arena. Life is short and you MUST get out there and enjoy it. If you’re in a job that you don’t like, just ask the question, “What DO I like?” And then let that stew. Then, when it comes, AND IT WILL, get into action. One step a day is all it takes to make your dreams a reality. And stop blaming others for why you don’t have what you want. It’s you. And since it’s you, only YOU can fix it.

And get to working on that car in your garage. It’s cool and needs to be finished. I’m just sayin.’

A day at the SHOP…


Whoa! THAT’S SICK!!! Came walkin’ into the shop and there she was… THE 4 HEEL DRIVE from “The Flintstones” Movie. As well as our cool black Gran National from Fast and Furious 4.

But why do we have the 4 Heel Drive? …Cuz it’s cool, duh. No,… actually because we’re takin’ it to a show on Saturday. The Hollywood Collectors Show. Yes, I’ll be signin’ stuff at the show for those that thinks CARS ARE COOL! EVEN ONES MADE OUTTA SKULLS!!! WWAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!

Below, I stuck in a silly little Hummer I saw today. No big deal, ……JUST DRIVING ON TRACTOR TREADS!!!!! THAT’S RIDICULOUS!!!!

Ok, I need to calm down and go get a triple latte….