Fireball locks in World-Class Car Designer FRANK STEPHENSON for November Coloring Book launch!! Wait, WHAT??

Can it possible get any better here at Fireball Publishing?? Well, let’s see…

Last year capped our 35th Coloring book with “Leave it to Beaver” star TONY DOW. It was followed by GENE WINFIELD, GARY WALES & SYD MEAD. All stellar Coloring Books…

But here’s the slate for 2021… and there only 1 month left to fill. All our epic Automotive Coloring Books are available on Amazon here, Trading Cards here and it’s all about to go Nuclear.

In 10 days, we launch The Official SUPERFLY AUTOS Coloring Book from the UK, then My Classic Car’s DENNIS GAGE Orphans & Oddballs, STATION WAGONS 2, SOCAL PINSTRIPER with World Class Striper Jeff Styles, THE GENTLEMAN RACER with Mike Satterfield, MALAISE MOTORS LINCOLNS, Licensed CARS OF MARILYN MONROE with Limited Runs, The Official SPIKE FERESTEN Coloring Book, DAY OF THE DEAD Hot Rods… and finally SANTA’S GARAGE again with SUPERFLY for the Holidays.

The only empty spot is November… and we’re grateful to announce that World-Class Designer FRANK STEPHENSON will be filling that spot! I’ll be working directly with Frank on sketches as we’ll be collaborating. He’ll be doing his 20 favorite cars and I’ll be doing the backgrounds. PLUS… Trading Cards! Crazy-kool.

If you’re not aware of Frank, here he his on Wikipedia… In my humble opinion, my friend is one of the Greatest Living Car Designers today and has worked with Ferrari, Maserati, BMW, McLaren and many others. And it’s a lot to reel him in to get a little Fireball Wacky. But very excited about this epic book.

Be sure to check out his Youtube Channel and SUBSCRIBE. Great stuff…

Omg… what will 2022 bring?

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McLaren MP4-12C is smokin’ HOT…

This lil’ baby is poised to some hurtin’ to other exotics. Check out the video for the speedy details….

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COOL CAR Thursday… 2011 Best of Addition McLaren MP4-12

So, as I went through the best of the BEST EXOTICS OF 2011, I, in my own unigue and dumbass way, overlooked a car that should have been front and center. My buddy and hot designer, Frank Stephenson brought my attention to his beastly McLaren MP4-12. Now, I showed you this car back when Art Center did their shindig, and it was cool. Although silver and in a tight space, I couldn’t appreciate it’s grace. Ok, I’m going to learn from my mistake and bring on the goods…

Here in it’s yellow bronze glory stands an addition to the BEST OF 2011 for DESIGN… so far. (Frank has promised to give me one of these the next time I’m in London… And THAT…       ….was a joke, Sir Frank. But, a diecast would be cool. I’ll swap you on of my Johnny Lightning Bad Moods? Deal?)

Anywho, enjoy as your eyes peel over this soon to be top dog exotic, if it isn’t already, right Mr.S?

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