I ran outta there as fast as I could… but I forgot my FUTURETECTURE!!!! #design #architect #architecture #futuretecture


As with most posts on Futuretecture, Zaha Hadid is generally in here somewhere. Can you spot her incredible work?

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Afragola-high-speed-train-station-in-Naples-by-Zaha-Hadid frank-gehry-grand-avenue-project (Read on…)



So, although this was a sketch I did back in the day, it still fascinates me that Buckminster Fuller was so beyond his time. Just google Dymaxion and you’ll see what he’s done. We should all be such visionaries…

What’s FUTURE COOL today…


It’s Monday. And being Monday, that means that by the end of the week, cool things will a cometh. And it’s my job to show you that the future is cool and THAT’S where we’re headed. So, get ready for…

LG’s New Curved OLED Screen gives an IMAX feel, so they say. I believe them. On sale later this year. The 2015 Chevy Cruze in disguise… although seemingly not all that different than the previous model. But, SURPRISE! It will be.

Then… how about turning your iPhone into a Walkie-Talkie? Boom, done. A really cool Kuki Chair by Zaha Hadid, La Luciole Concert Hall by Moussafir Architectes and finally… a cool pad somewhere in the U.S. I would have painted it something other than… wait for it, wait for it… BEIGE, TAN and everything in between. Bleah.

2015 Chevy Cruze ip6

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Today’s CONCEPTS are a bit Fast & Furious… 6


Wild stuff from Audi, a tease from the all new DETROIT ELECTRIC, a Chopper Electric Bike, Cars from Fast&Furious 6, A Retro Redo, Offroader Render and something silly from Peugot. Now grag your Joe and head out into the world smiling…

4000906  DE-EV-2 Enorm_ebike_v3_bullet fast-furious-6-500-22 fast-furious-6-500-23 fast-furious-6-500-24 img_1_1363595019_82f8085968e6f90941e2a1871ac48d98 national-geographic-2035-zaire-concept-by-dongman-joo5 Renault-Fly-Concept

Welcome to the FUTURE… Today


Today, we’re off to MARS, the dark city lights of a distant compound, a desert race with an untimely crash and a Robot friend or foe. This is the future… or one possible future. It’s a choice, but the concept art is cool.

ConceptArt_Fireball-Tim2 ConceptArt_Fireball-Tim3


Rinspeed’s MICRO MAX re-envisions the future before Geneva…


Leave it to Rinspeed to always come up with the funk. Case in point, this new Micro Max headed to the Geneva Auto Show. If you can get through the annoying music, you’ll see some good application.

Weekend VISIONS OF THE FUTURE Rock the Houses…


Futuretecture is abundant… NOW. Cool peeps around the world have taken it upon themselves to create houses that is wild, crazy and sometimes off the chart. Visions of the Future are neato, but to see them realized is an eyeful. Check out these babies, plus I took a shot in Downtown LA the other day that may look a little familiar if you’ve seen the documentary “Exit Through the Giftshop.”

2600_3971 Art by Greg Fromenteau Art img_2_1359386066_1927fe2ccb0922a40333c53a6881c54a  wilkinson_01

ARC K. TECH’R from the globe is “all that” in Austria and China…

Man, I’m on a plane tomorrow if this keeps happening…

Cool things built by Cool Peeps. To walk through these places is to BE IN THE FUTURE. And that’s why I bring it here. You can take your Mayan Apoco’slips’ and toss ’em in the trash, ’cause we’re on the Cool Train headed to Bitchin’Ville. Below, the Austrian Festival Hall by Delugan Meissl and Chengdu Tianfu Cultural and Performance Centre in China.

Austrian-Festival-Hall-by-Delugan-Meissl chengdu tianfu cultural and performance centre, china

COOL-CHITECHTURE around the globe is my target…

It’s my dream to travel the world and see things like this up close. To live in the future. And if I have my way, that’s EXACTLY what I intend to do… then bring it to you, duh. Our future isn’t bland. It isn’t scary. It isn’t full of violence and harm.

What it is… is up to you. You have to decide what you want your future to be… and not be a victim to race thought and belief.

“Choose the Cool, and Cool comes…”

City of the FUTURE is my kinda town…

I dream about places like this. A perfect mergence of cool architecture and nature. Wouldn’t this be a great place to live?

You could work and then just fall off your balcony into the water, then swim to the Starbucks. Unless, they’ve blown up by 2040 and Der Weinershnitzel has taken over. And that… would suck. But anything that isn’t fun would be outlawed, like paying bills, washing your toilet and eating brussel sprouts. Ok, so someone would have to clean the toilet, but I’d hide in the closet for a couple hours afterwards just in case…