Hold on, I gotta sneeze… Ah, AH… FUTURETECTURE!!!!! #architect #architecture #future #utopia #design #bitchin

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FUTURETECTURE! It’s what’s for dinner…

floating resort_0

So many cool structure… so little time. Guess I better get going as my goal is to have a latte in each one, even if it’s a concept. Shlaboom…



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Today’s FUTURETECHTURE from Gehrey and friends…


I mean, don’t you want to live in a world where this kind of coolness is going on? I KNOW, RIGHT??? Look at that wacko bridge, just for the hell of it!!

AMBS-baghdad-library_FireballTim  House_Fireball_Tim

Gehry towers for Toronto

Today’s FUTURETECHTURE brings more beauty through curves…



Some great Futuretechture today from around the globe. Concepts that Architects are trying desperately to manifest into our world. And if they do, then we instantly will have more awesomeness. What are YOU doing to make the world cooler? Well, that’s an easy question to answer…

Just be yourself and do what you do. Compliments are as powerful as buildings. In fact, more powerful. So be the change…

FireballTim_grand-cancun1 FireballTim_grand-cancun2 FireballTim_matali-crasset-les-vents-de-forets FireballTim_Polygonal-House-by-Didier-Faustino   Zaha-Hadid-2022-FIFA-World-Cup-Stadium-Qatar-Fireball_Tim zaha-hadid-skylife-izmir-EXPO-2020-FireballTim

FireballTim_1-Park-Avenue-Skyscraper-Adrian-Smith-&-Gordon-Gill Architecture

Today’s FUTURETECHTURE… The CarHouse…


Now we’re talkin.’ When you REALLY love cars, then you REALLY need a CarHouse. Plus more…

aDIASTR_01  Miami-One-Thousand-Museum-skyscraper-by-Zaha-Hadid-1-640x457 rafael-vinoly-432-park-avenue-new-york-designboom00 sfmoma01 sikamino_01

Today’s FUTURETECHTURE gets pretty much… EVERYWHERE!


So… we’ve got some Modernism, Post-future Triangularism and some Wooden Curvaceousism and some Holy Craparoonie Funkatecturalism! Wow, that’s a lots of isms for today’s FUTURETECHTURE

8008_01 aytac-architects-camlica-residential-designboom-00  dawntownlandmark01 designboom_azl_architects_house_no.400   img_1_1369142573_b1d3fb0d9886a5b6f63951c5ff3578e7 MGAeuropacity01 nbbj-amazon-seattle-headquarters-designboom00

ZAHA HADID FUTURETECHTURE wins competition for Riyadh Metro Station, Saudi Arabia…


Zaha Hadid won the design for the Riyadh Metro Station in the capital of Saudi Arabia this week with this awesome FUTURETECHTURE. A 20,434 sq. m. facility in the King Abdullah Financial District Metro Station. From the Zaha Hadid Website…

“The design places the station at the centre of a network of pathways, skybridges and metro lines envisaged  by the KAFD master plan. Connectivity diagrams and traffic across the site have been mapped and structured to clearly delineate the pedestrian routes within the building, optimize internal circulation and avoid congestion. The resulting configuration is a three-dimensional lattice defined by a sequence of opposing sine-waves (generated from the repetition and frequency variation of station’s daily traffic flows) which act as the spine for the building’s circulation. These sine-waves are extended to the station’s envelope and strictly affiliated to its internal layout, translating the architectural concept to the exterior.”

Now, if she could only re-design my house…


Hump Day FUTURETECHTURE… It’s tha thang…


So cool is today’s FUTURETECHTURE that I’m gettin’ in the car and hittin’ these places all at once. Unless, some of them are on other worlds, to which, I’ll go get coffee instead.

Why post visions of the future? Because our future is cool, every day. But here’s the secret to making it cool… You ready?

You have to think it WILL be in order to make it happen. I KNOW my future is always super cool and BOING, it manifests exactly like that. It’s a choice. A choice to SEE things better in each moment. Now, go get’ ’em killa…

Crown Syd Imperial Tower Mumbai1 Imperial Tower Mumbai2 Thermal

Art by Dylan Cole Art by Frenic Art by Guit Fiddle Matte1 Matte2

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Monday looks cool… let’s head into the FUTURETECHTURE


Good Morning y’all!

Howzabout some cool FUTURETECHTURE for your eye popping enjoyment Monday? These structures, some as concepts… some real, is where we’re headed in design. Glass, Nature, Curvaceous. Smooooth. What’s your favorite natural material to build with?

forest_01 KAG_01

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Today’s FUTURETECHTURE goes ‘ol skool…


Cool… The thing about future design is that you can go any DIRECTION and make it unique. Any materials, any colors. Weird, wonderful, strange. Point is to spread ideas and make people think what’s possible. And today being Thursday… anything’s possible.

ltvs-libeskind-5 soildavis00