It was a close race, but the VOTES are in and it’s official for ROUND 2. The GENERAL LEE takes the win against THE MUNSTER KOACH!! YEEEHHAAAWWWWW!!!!!

Who’s up next for tomorrow’s Battle? It’s gonna be a DAVEY VS GOLIATH SMACKDOWN!!


MOVIE CAR SHOWDOWN ROUND 2! It’s the General Lee VS Munster Koach!! VOTE NOW!

Today’s BATTLE pits the GENERAL LEE against the MUNSTER KOACH! Vote for your favorite IN THE COMMENTS and see who wins by the end of the day!

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UPDATED!! WHEELS AND WAVES #21 for June/Father’s Day heats up with StarCars…

Among the amazing array of cars that will be featured at the June WHEELS AND WAVES MALIBU Car Show will include the 2018 Hellcat Jeep Cherokee Trackhawk and Dave Joseph’s Hollywood StarCar GENERAL LEE!

Be sure to join us as we hit the Rodeo Drive Concours d’ Elegance after the show!

What’s it like to drive the GENERAL LEE CHARGER?

When I reached out to some friends to find a unique car for this last weekend’s Wheels and Waves car show, I got a host of suggestions. We wanted something that would be fun for people to see, and we had a lot of ideas. 

But through that process, and knowing that this is Hollywood, the idea of a film car solidified.

A friend suggested that one of the most iconic movie cars ever is the General Lee from “The Dukes of Hazzard.” And knowing a lot about that car due to the fact that I interviewed the creator of the show on my show, it seemed a fitting car for a tiny Hollywood town. So, I was put in touch with Dave Joseph, owner of, a business for representing and framing museum-quality fine art.

Dave and Steven Joseph are father and son co-owners of a nearly perfect 1969 Dodge Charger General Lee. Steven is 29 years old and started watching “The Dukes of Hazzard” re-runs in 1997, when he was 10. He started collecting Dukes memorabilia and convinced his dad to build (or find) a completed 1969 440 Charger General Lee.

According to Dave, the first one was purchased from a guy in Tennessee and was a “bucket of bolts.” It had to be returned. 

“After a year passed and we were no longer gun-shy, we found a builder in San Diego and gave him a deposit to build us a perfect General Lee,” Dave said.

“He was behind on getting his cars built for others, and was having difficulties. We got the car incomplete about halfway to go and invested a lot if time and money to get it to where it is today. We love it so much and have made many friends going to Starcar Central events (our club) and shows that we wouldn’t sell it for a million dollars.”

Most General Lee cars are variations on the original, although the originals were spray canned with orange paint and crashed not too long after. To find or create one as a perceived perfect version is pretty rare. 

But Dave goes on with more cool info: “My boys Derek and Steven, are special needs and very loving guys. As a family, we have bonded when we do events as we did at the Hollywood Christmas Parade this last holiday. Steven was smiling like a Cheshire Cat, waving at onlookers lining Hollywood Boulevard and the Red Carpet. 

“Halfway through the parade, the Dixie horn blared. ‘Dad you’re too heavy on the Dixie horn,’ said Steven. I had to replace the compressor as I had blown it out by sounding off too much. But it was worth it to see the smiling and laughing faces while we passed by.” 

In regards to the Confederate flag, Dave hasn’t gotten one bad vibe or comment in 11 years. And being a point of contention for some with the flag, we can in this town especially see that this car is simply a film character and no different than any other. And underneath that skin lies a classic that just about any car guy would dream of having.

Big thanks to Dave for visiting us and bringing his hero car. 

This begs the question, What is your favorite movie car? Leave me a comment on my website and we may bring it to the next show!

My Daily Sketch… THE ADMIRAL


This piece was part of a series taking regular movie cars and tuning them pimp style. A step up if the boys of Hazzard County suddenly built a SEMA car… Cool.

Updated: Hollywood Garage featuring 14 vehicles for San Diego

The San Diego Auto Show is shaping up to be an exciting event…

Along with the DragChairs, the list now stands at 14 vehicles including the Starsky and Hutch Torino, General Lee, Herbie, a top secret James Bond Car, Towmater, Smokey and Bandit TA, Back to the Future DeLorean, KITT, Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine, The Vision SZR Concept Car from the show Ride Along, The Lifetime Oil Filter Custom Van, King Tahoe, The Transformer’s Camaro and one other TBD.


Fireball on AOL’s “You’ve Got…”

Cool… Hollywood Car Coolness, now on AOL…

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A day at the SHOP…

Barris Beach Buggy

Thursday, and I was at the shop doin’ ma thang. And lo! There were cool cars a piddlin’ everywhere! I had a meeting with people I can’t mention about a new show that I can’t mention. BUT, I can show you some cool cars for the week…

One of Barris’ classic beach buggies appeared out of nowhere, along with several cool classics, Police Car in the paint booth, GEM cars, the original #1 hero General Lee from the TV Show and a host of quirky others including several Police cars for the 8th Season of “24.” LOVE THAT SHOW!

My life sucks… OH! And I’m bringing this cool orange caddy to the HB Show next weekend! Yes, it’s BIG and ORANGE. Like my hair.

Cool Movie Car ART…

If you’re into cars and into Movies as I am, then coming across something like this is cool. They’re pretty good for a T-Shirt, but there’s a lot to choose from. So there’s bound to be something right for anyone. Gives me some good ideas for something else, though. Shhh… Check ’em out HERE.

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