Fireball drives the 429hp 2013 HYUNDAI GENESIS R-SPEC…


As Yoda would say… “Serious Contender, the 2013 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec is… I would say…me, he…”

And he’d be right. When Hyundai sent me the Genesis R-Spec for a week, I was again, skeptical as to how it would hold up to the competition of BMW, Audi and Mercedes. But… and again, I was pleasantly surprised. Actually, shocked. The Genesis is a serious road machine. And we came to that conclusion by rocketing this 429hp 5.0l V8 cruiser to Palm Springs to see Marilyn Monroe. Yes, the Marilyn… a 25ft tall Marilyn, …but that’s another story.

The thing about this particular Hyundai is that it’s deathly quiet. Almost surreal in it’s performance. It just IS. And although styling queues are somewhat reserved, the engineering is superior and flawless. But its attitude is far more ECO than EGO. It’s bigger and bolder than it looks; prouder and more humble than it’s competition and whisks you like a pinpointed T-Rex who’s just spotted it dinner. And the headlights will give you a quiver if you stare at them a bit too long.


The mirrors resemble the Disney Home of the Future and the interior is ergonomically punctual and easy. A straight shooter that is cordial, safe and loyal like a butler, yet guttural and scary fast when it’s time to get moving. Unfortunately, the steering wheel is the driver’s “oh shit” handle… although the heater in the wheel was a nice touch. Toasty.

But the real thing that blows the nose of glory is the fact this full-on luxuriant starts out at about $34K! Okay, I’ll wait until you get up off the floor…

…You back? Didn’t hurt yourself?

Yes, you heard me. $34K for just about everything you’d find in a $60K competitor and the Platinum Metallic version was the most subdued of the lot. I’ll take mine in Cabernet Red Pearl…. Unless… there’s a Merlot version, Mr. Hyundai? I have dibs if there is…


Without going all vulgar on ya, this car is an ass-hander. Now, that may sound weird at first, but as it blows past you and your hair goes all side-ways, you’ll realize that what you’re now holding now in your hand… wait for it, wait for it, yes… is your own ass. I would say that if I was being bullied in school, I’d want the 2013 Hyundai Genesis R-Spec to be my older brother. He’s nice… until it’s time to not be nice. And then.. ouch.

Hyundai’s done a great job with this car. And although I challenge them to “kick-up” the styling a bit more aggressively, I’m pretty sure they have it handled. And if they ask me to do one for SEMA… well, if I have to. 😉

So get yours at a Dealer. You can’t have mine. Seriously… get your hands off or I’ll hand you something else.

DSC04687  DSC04698 DSC04702 DSC04709 DSC04715  DSC04721 DSC04723 DSC04725 DSC04726 DSC04729 DSC04730 DSC04734  DSC09360 2012 Hyundai Genesis Interior Design Interior2 Interior3