GENEVA AUTO SHOW… The Highlights

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The Babes of THE GENEVA AUTO SHOW… a couple of cars, too…


Wow, you can really appreciate the beauty that comes out of Europe. These guys are smokin’ hot… and there were cars at this event, too! I think… You can barely see them, but they’re there.

Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-22  Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-92 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-112 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-142 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-152 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-162 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-182 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-192 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-202   Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-282 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-572 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-582 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-602 Girls-2013-Geneva-Show-612



Lots of shininess goin’ on in Geneva for this year’s show. Might be a good idea to wear sunglasses, but the Concept Cars are abundant for all makers. Without telling you which ones are which, what stands out for you? What automotive expression gets you oil pumpin?’ Leave a post and let ’em have it…

2014-Porsche-991-GT3_Fireball-Tim Alfa-Romeo-Gloria-Concept_Fireball-Tim Aston-V-Centenary_Fireball-Tim  Mitsubishi_Fireball-Tim MitsubishiGR-MiEV_Fireball-Tim Opel-Adam-Concepts_Fireball-Tim Pininfarina-Sergio-Barchetta_Fireball-Tim VW-e-Co-Motion-Concept_FireballTim VW-XL1_Fireball-Tim

More GENEVA CONCEPT Contenders from Ferrari, Bentley and Opel…


In this set, the Mansory Ferrari treatment, Ferrari F150 hidden, a Mansory Bentley, Opel Adam Concept, Subaru Viziv Concept & VW Eco-Motion Van.

Ferrair-F150-Geneva-Show_1FireballTim Mansory-Sanguis_FireballTim Opel+Adam_FireballTim Subaru-Viziv-Concept_FireballTim VW-e-Co-Motion-Concept_FireballTim

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More CONCEPTS coming to Geneva…


The future is here and always was. Technically, the future is actually in Geneva, but it’ll be here this year also. These shots reveal Pininfarina’s SERGIO Concept, Honda’s CIVIC Wagon, Mitsubishi’s CA-MiEV and GR-HEV and Toyota’s iRoad. My money’s on the Sergio…

Honda-Civic-Wagon-Concept_FireballTim Mitsubishi_CA-MiEV_FireballTim Mitsubishi_GR-HEV_FireballTim  Toyota_i-Road_FireballTim

$4.7M Mystery Car is the new LAMBORGHINI VENENO…


This is the new Lamborghini Veneno, (“Poison” in Spanish). It’s a carbon-fibre monocoque chassis using an upgraded version of the 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 that produces a whopping 740hp. But it can only hit a top speed of 220mph. Bummer. 😉

This is the Mystery Car that’s been floating around and now headed to the Geneva Show. Although, it’s shape is so dangerous that you might want to bring a surgeon along with you.


Lamborghini-Veneno1_FireballTim Lamborghini-Veneno2_FireballTim Lamborghini-Veneno3_FireballTim  Lamborghini-Veneno5_FireballTim Lamborghini-Veneno6_FireballTim

Kia and other Insane Concepts hitting THE GENEVA AUTO SHOW…


So many cool cars coming to Geneva including this KIA Provo Concept, I’m going to seriously have to take time away from eating the chocolate to see them. Unless, I can figure out a way to do both? Featured here are the Corvette Stingray Convertible, Bertone JET, The Spyker B6, a Mystery Car and more of KIA’s Urban Concept. Driving the Future has never been so cool…

2014-Corvette-Stingray-Convertible_FireballTim AM-Bertone-Vanquish-Jet-2


Spyker-B6-Concept_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-1_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-2_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-3_FireballTim  Kia-Urban-Concept-5_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-6_FireballTim Kia-Urban-Concept-7_FireballTim

TOYOTA’s iROAD Concept for Geneva… is a Tron Bike?

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 5.41.23 AM

Not sure, but check out this tease and tell me what you think…

Concepts coming to THE GENEVA AUTO SHOW…

Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 5.15.33 AM

Here’s just some of the concepts premiering at the GENEVA AUTO SHOW this year. Shortly, in fact. For a complete list of models, check out CARSCOOPS page here. More detail as these beast roll in, but it should be a great show with lots of chocolate handy.


Rinspeed’s MICRO MAX re-envisions the future before Geneva…


Leave it to Rinspeed to always come up with the funk. Case in point, this new Micro Max headed to the Geneva Auto Show. If you can get through the annoying music, you’ll see some good application.