Featured CONCEPT ART… George Hull #JupiterAscending


These pieces, done for the upcoming JUPITER ASCENDING, is some of George’s best work yet. Ornate, evocative and extremely detailed. If anything, the movie should be visually spectacular.


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SPEED RACER concepts by George Hull…

It took me about 8 months before I actually saw SPEED RACER after the reviews scathed it. My time is valuable, so hitting a movie that get lamb basted isn’t a priority. But… then there’s Netflix. So, it was with un-eager anticipation that I put it in my queue. But… to my surprise, it actually wasn’t half bad. Visually overwhelming, the second half is actually the best part.

These concepts by George Hull are cool. He’s a great visualist and does a lot of films. If you really knew what went into a film, you’d never say a nasty word. The work is overwhelming. Here’s a couple of my early concepts…

Nice job, George!


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BATTLESHIP Concept Art by George Hull…

Although the reviews of BATTLESHIP have been less than stellar, the film looks good. But then again, so did TRANSFORMERS 2. What’s missing from these blockbusters? Character.

Nice work, George!


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