Today’s Featured Coloring Book… GHOUL’S GARAGE?

We are playing with the idea of re-naming this book. What do you think about HOLLYWOOD MONSTERS??

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Get your Halloween started by Coloring our wacky Movie-Inspired GHOUL’S GARAGE!!

Yes, it’s 20 famous Monsters… AND WHAT THEY DRIVE!! Our GHOUL’S GARAGE Coloring Book is one of our most unique books as it features Frankenstein’s, the Mummy’s and Count Dracula’s CARS! PLUS, MANY MORE!!

Along with the candy this year, give the gift of CREATIVITY by Coloring with your kids or grand-kids! Get it on Amazon NOW!

If you come across this EVIL CAR… RUN.

Cats can be cute and cuddly, warm and fuzzy. But some cats… are just plain EVIL. Take for instance this Gang of CATastrophic Fast and Furious Felines.

You see these guys on the street… run. (This sketch from our GHOUL’S GARAGE Coloring Book!)

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Why are Fireball Coloring Books so UNIQUE??

Fireball Tim has been a Concept Artist in the film industry for almost 30 years with over 400 films. Anyone can draw a good car, but only Fireball Publishing creates COLOR CONCEPTS.

Case in point? The ALIEN ripping a CROTCH ROCKET across LV427. If you’re a movie fan, then you know what we’re talkin’ about.

This sketch is from Fireball’s GHOUL’S GARAGE Coloring Book which also features 19 other Hollywood Monsters! Grab a copy on AMAZON!

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SKETCH of the Day… The Black Catted CAT-TASTROFEEDER

This is the Black Cat driven CAT-TASTROFEEDER. Today’s Halloween-inspired… and frightening carpet-powered feline froozer. We don’t recommend you race these guys as they don’t take losing well… and will get you back later. But it’s cool to look at, eh? Just don’t stare too long.


Are you old enough to remember THE CRAWLING EYE? Well, this was the movie that scared the bejeeezus out of Kathie as a child. And now, it’s been immortalized in our Coloring Book GHOUL’S GARAGE!!! Only this time, instead of crawling… it’s DRIVING!!

Hey, an eye’s gotta do what and eye’s gotta do. Grab the book here on Amazon!!

SKETCH of the Day!! XENOROCKET XR222!!

Ok, so you saw all the ALIEN Movies right? But you NEVER saw how our buddy XENO here actually gets around to do his chomping business…. soooooooooooo

BEHOLD! Ghoul’s Garage has revealed his XENOROCKET XR222! Sure, it’s grown out of an egg, but it’s FAAAAST and can hit virtaually any alien terrain with ease.

Boom, done.


Today’s HALLOWEEN COLOR BOMB… Count Drak and his 800hp Bloodula Cruiser

GHOUL’S GARAGE is out… and it’s headlined by Count Drak and his Blooodula Cruiser. Always parked at the Castle, Count takes this puppy through the Black Forest on Sunday mornings to the Transylvania Cars and Coffee. Always a hit.

Fireball Tim GHOUL’S GARAGE Halloween Coloring Book ON SALE NOW on Amazon!!

Destined to be one of our Classic Series Coloring Books, this all-new Halloween-inspired GHOUL’S GARAGE Coloring Book features Famous Monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, Wolfman, The Mummy, Bigfoot and many more… plus WHAT THEY DRIVE!

Seriously, a Monster’s got to get around to do their best scary thing, right? Why not arrive in coolness? Get one for Halloween or Christmas NOW!!

Fireball GHOUL’S GARAGE Halloween Coloring Book goes on Sale TOMORROW!!


Tomorrow, on sale on Amazon for this HALLOWEEN… GHOUL’S GARAGE features 20 Famous Monsters from Dracula to the Creature from the Black Lagoon… and WHAT THEY DRIVE!

The Frankenstein Monster stands with his FEVY TRUCK. Like him, piecemealed to perfection.