I Love this GMC Rust Bucket! – FMV492

Fireball Malibu Vlog 492 sends Fireball all over LA for Thanksgiving supplies, Fireball Pop visit and a new deal with the Palisadian Post Newspaper. Plus, spots this cool GMC Rust Bucket. SHARE Today’s Vlog!


New 5MINUTE #DRIVE with #Malibu Mechanic KELLY HIGGINS & a #GMC Beast!! @shadbalch @malibuchamber @CityMalibu #truck


Great time in Episode 35 of 5MINUTE DRIVE with my guest, Malibu’s “Mechanic to the Stars” KELLY HIGGINS! We took GMC’s 2015 Sierra Denali up Pacific Coast Highway and I learned some cool Malibu history, plus… Kelly’s been to the Pokie several times!! Such a BADASS…

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Coming up on 5MINUTE DRIVE Ep35! #Malibu “Mechanic to the Stars” KELLY HIGGINS & the @GMC Sierra Denali!! @CityMalibu #Truck #GMC


Coming Monday is Episode 35 of 5MD as we take on GMC’s behemoth, the 2015 Sierra Denali and my awesome guest, “Mechanic to the Stars” KELLY HIGGINS! Kelly’s been in Malibu his whole life and has built just about everything for everyone. Pretty hysterical interview… And what does this Ford guy think of the Denali? Holy crap!! FIND OUT MONDAY!!

A-TEAM Diecast revealed…

Although the ATeam film didn’t do all that well, toys are still worth doing. Spotted on Joe Johnson’s Hollywood Diecast, this van appeared at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair.