GODZILLA KING OF MONSTERS opens tomorrow… But see his enemies NOW.

Looking forward to thew entire obliteration of the human race, thanks to Hollywood and GODZILLA KING OF MONSTERS tomorrow.

Only, I think Gojira will probably win as he usually does…

Check out my GODZILLA on Skates also in our Monster Coloring Book.

TRAILERS… Luc Besson’s Actioner LUCY and more GODZILLA… #lucy #godzilla #actionmovie


It WOULD be pretty cool to mix these two together. LUCYZILLA. Yea, just think about it…

SHockingly Awesome GODZILLA Full Trailer 1… #godzilla #gojira


If you watch this a couple of times, you realize it has a very familiar Chris Nolan reality feel to it. It should be the defining element that makes this movie a rock solid romp. Not to mention that Walter White is in it, too. That’s just plain nuts.

Watch! GODZILLA First Full Trailer is a whole new kind of AWESOME… #godzilla


What Pacific Rim was lacking, it seems GODZILLA will have no trouble providing. The human element. What does it really feel like to be trampled by a big monster? Watch, and then tell me it doesn’t give you a chill…

Fireball’s ACTION MOVIEBITS… Go Fast, Insane Posters, Inferno & Electro


Kick-Ass 2 director Jeff Wadlow’s next project is GO FAST. Fast & Furious with Boats. So basically, hi-speed, girls, fights and probably The Rock. Done.


• Tom Hanks and Ron Howard are doing Dan Brown’s INFERNO. They’re at it again, folks. And that’s a good thing.

• Here’s Jamie Foxx as ELECTRO in THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2Watch.

Dave-Rapoza-Green-Ranger_Fireball-Tim Ash-Thorpe-Predator_Fireball-Tim Anthony-Petrie-Sharknado_Fireball-TimKen-Taylor-Aliens_Fireball-Tim

MovieBits… GODZILLA from the Set and PACIFIC RIM!


A few cool shots of Military stuff from the set of the new GODZILLA and a Monster on an Air Craft Carrier from PACIFIC RIM. In this version, the monster attacks cities and DESTROYS THEM! Brilliant!!!

Godzilla-FirstSetImage-535x401 Godzilla-Set-Photo2-535x401 Godzilla2014-SetPhoto4-535x401

EPISODE: Scary Scion “Gojira”

With a name like GOJIRA (Godzilla), this beast packs a punch…

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