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2019 MERCEDES BENZ AMG G63 GRAND OPENING PARTY – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 805 – Fireball attends the Grand Opening Party for Mercedes Benz of Thousand Oaks AMG Showroom featuring the 2019 AMG G63… then hangs with famous Voice Actor Rob Paulsen. Finally, some inspirational words about expressing GRATITUDE.

Some Christmas GRATITUDE…


To be grateful is to think of only the best and a grateful mind keeps your eye constantly on the best. And since we grow into the likeness of that which we think of most, this ensures that all things good will come to us. Thus, a life more abundant.

It’s my sincerest gratitude to you guys for hanging out at FT.com this year. May your 2013 be that of perpetual increase to all the things you love most. And let’s share that in all the ways we can.

Gratitude for today… itsa MUST

What are you grateful for today? It’s Monday, and you’re alive…

Over the weekend, yesterday morning… a woman crashed out in front of my house at 6am. She’s ok, thanks to Toyota’s AirBag deployment system, but she’s in the hospital. (She hit a Mercedes GWagon at 60!) My buddy, Derek Jenkins (Chief Designer @ Mazda) and I were the first on the scene. Cops and Fire Rescue did a great job in getting her out. The point?

You are healthy and prosperous. So… NO COMPLAINING. Get your life going and LIVE today! Right now! And have an awesome week…

Making a Difference DAILY…

What are you going to do today?

Since we know that small steps make up great change, it’s important to take small steps…. knowing that they will add up to good things. And what we want comes down to only 5 things.

Peace. Prosperity. Health. Beauty and Love.

So smile, GIVE and enjoy your life. All you have is today, so do whatever you’re going to do in the best way possible. Ensure that your thoughts are good… and then watch good things happen. And be grateful. Because if you choose the opposite by criticizing, complaining and whining, then you’ll get more things to whine about. And that sucks.

So later, tell me what a great day you had.


Grateful for small THINGS…


Yup, everyone knows they need to be grateful for things. Small things, medium thing, venti things. All things. People, place, animal, mineral. Non-fat chocolate twist from Coffee Bean. (Yes, I have joe on the mind at the moment, but I’m grateful for the California Poppy’s that appeared on my hike yesterday… And yes, I’ve posted a flower on my blog. But it’s the state flower, and if you get caught picking one, there’s a $2500 fine. Ouch!)

But gratitude is best done when understood. Why be grateful? …Because it’s a key proponent of cause and effect. Do this, and good things happen. It can’t be lame. You have to be “real” about it. This is not a technique for you to use and get what you want. It’s about always making sure you give first.

I try as best I can to not charge for things that really help society as a whole. A message that’s clear, like doing Seminars for kids and such. Besides, it’s fun and I’m grateful that the teachers even ask. Question is,… today is Tuesday and what are YOU grateful for. A bag of groceries? The rent check that just showed up? That your underwear hasn’t “shrugged up” yet? Give me an answer below. Don’t be shy. Think about the people that might be affected by your answer. Inspired to do something good today.

Cause and effect. Give first. Set the trend of gratitude for today, then watch the day unfold in a positive way. Ok, now time for my Starbucks…

Barter your way to Success…


Yea, we all have to work for a living. Sucks sometimes, but when you can give to get, that works out well too.

Good friend of mine, Johnny DeGirolamo (aka Johnny’s Auto Clinic) asked if I would help him out with a new sign for his shop. Johnny’s shop is in San Pedro and it was due for a facelift, so I set to work. And the above was the result over this weekend. Johnny’s MINI, …Fireballed!

These kind of things are fun. I do my best and Johnny appreciates it. He hooked my wife up with some spanky new brakes for her Jeep in return. Johnny’s done many things with me in the past and is the best guy around for fixing cars. Look him up. But sometimes, eliminating cash is a very rewarding experience.

How can you take what you do and give it to someone else to make them look and feel good. After all, isn’t that the bottom line? Feeling good? I mean, this life isn’t always about getting something, is it?

I try my best to give when I can, in any way that I can. It’s a Natural Law, so it’s worth it. Give to Get, and see what happens.

I’m grateful to Johnny for asking…

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