Does a serious and dark GREEN HORNET film need to be made? We think so…

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The last GREEN HORNET movie flopped. Maybe they should have watched BATMAN BEGINS and understood that camp is not in? Christopher Nolan is.

When I worked on this film at WB many years ago with a different director, the goal was to give it a very dark and sinister overtone. The Green Hornet teetered on the edge of Good-Bad-Guy. Bummer that the film ending up a comedy… but there are voices out there talking DARKNESS.

Imagine… a new KNIGHT RIDER done by SPIKE LEE? DUKES OF HAZZARD as serious Moonshiners done by RIDLEY SCOTT, this time with an American Flag? Or yes, GREEN HORNET done by Christopher or Jonathan Nolan?

Hollywood is looking for Fish Out of Water Concepts. “I Love Lucy” meets “Indiana Jones.” But with cars…

The new BATMAN seems grounded in reality. That’s the trend. REAL MOVIES about REAL PEOPLE with REAL CHALLENGES. That’s all of us right now. Enough Marvel Superheros… we need REAL Superheroes.

Time to redesign Hollywood into what it could be…

Fireball Movie Sketch of the Day… BLACK BEAUTY

This was done for an early version of THE GREEN HORNET where they wanted to redesign The Black Beauty. So… Fireball did.

But the budget of the film negated this idea and they went with the original TV Car design.


This concept was done early on for GREEN HORNET before the studio decided to use a version of the original car. Chances are that this car would have blown their budget.


DRIVE IN THE GREEN HORNET BLACK BEAUTY! – FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 618 – Fireball snags an original DRIVE IN THE GREEN HORNET BLACK BEAUTY (1966 Chrysler Imperial) with buddy Mark Truman and gets some history about the build and the show. Then, off to the beach.

From WIKI… Black Beauty is the name of the car driven by Kato, the Green Hornet’s chauffeur.

The TV series featured a 1966 Chrysler Imperial Crown hardtop customized by Dean Jeffries at a cost of $50,000 USD, part of which went toward the car’s paint job: 30 coats of metal flake, pure black green pearl of essence lacquer hand-rubbed to a high gloss.

An article in TV Guide published during the show’s network run made reference to disparaging comments made within the industry about ABC being “the two-car network” because of the #Black Beauty and the #Batmobile.

The Black Beauty was stored underneath Brit Reid’s garage. A set of switches on a secret control panel behind a tool wall would sequentially 1) lower the lights; 2) attach clamps to the axles of Reid’s personal car;

3) rotate the floor of the garage — hiding Reid’s car and bringing up the Black Beauty; and

4) unclamp the Black Beauty’s axles. The Black Beauty would then exit the garage through a hidden rear door, and enter the street from behind a billboard advertising the fictitious product Kissin’ Candy Mints — with the slogan “How sweet they are” — that was cleverly designed to separate down the middle and rejoin.

#VanWilliams (the #GreenHornet) and #BruceLee (#Kato) pose with the Black Beauty in a publicity shot for the 1966 Green Hornet TV series.

The Black Beauty could fire explosive charges from tubes hidden behind retractable panels below the headlights which were said to be rockets with explosive warheads; had a concealed-when-not-in-use,

drop-down knock-out gas nozzle in the center of the front grille and the vehicle could launch a small flying video/audio surveillance device (referred to as the scanner) through a small rectangular panel in the middle of the trunk lid. Working “rockets” and “gas nozzles” were incorporated into the trunk lid as well.


FIREBALL MALIBU VLOG 558 – After suiting up Kathie as a Kangraoo Mascot, Fireball snags the 2017 GMC ACADIA DENALI and ships the Roo out. Then, a neighb hike and a drive to Camarillo to see THE BLACK BEAUTY from The Green Hornet!

About the Acadia from WIKI… The GMC Acadia is a mid-size crossover SUV (full-size until 2016) from GMC. The GMC Acadia, Chevrolet Traverse, and Buick Enclave share the new GM Lambda platform. The Acadia went on sale in 2006 as a 2007 model in the United States and in Canada. The Acadia replaces three of the 7- or 8-seater vehicles on the Pontiac-Buick-GMC dealership network, the mid-size GMC Safari van, the GMC Envoy, and the Pontiac Montana SV6 minivan for the domestic market. As of 2009, the Lambda vehicles have replaced the Buick Rainier, Buick Rendezvous, and the Buick Terraza, and then subsequently the GMC Envoy and the #Chevrolet TrailBlazer. A Denali version of the Acadia debuted in 2010 as a 2011 model. In 2016, the second generation Acadia was repositioned as a mid-size crossover utility vehicle (as a 2017 model) in order to compete within the growing mid-size CUV market against the likes of the Ford Edge and Dodge Journey.


Fireball & Ken head to the LA CLASSIC AUTO SHOW for some amazing cars, then to Oxnard, Ca. for a grouping of Movie Cars including the Green Hornet Black Beauty.

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BlackBeauty1Sml copy

My way early concept for THE GREEN HORNET before the budget slash and even the green light. This… would have been badass.

A Day at the Shop: Black Beauties in Waiting…

If you didn’t know it, PICTURE CAR WAREHOUSE is the “it” place for building Movie Cars. Which is why I work with buddy and owner, Ted Moser to do some fun cars together. Right now, we’re working on a couple of projects that are pretty cool, although Top Secret. As a designer, I get to conceptualize a lot of cool cars and then Ted gets to build them. So, we make a good team. And although these Black Beauties from THE GREEN HORNET weren’t actually built here, they ended up here as Ted accumulates a lot of vehicles from different projects as well as creating some truly awesome project vehicles for upcoming films and promotions. PCW has done some incredible stuff for Hot Wheels.

Last week, after a meeting on the vehicles I’m designing, I walked the shop to see what was new, as every week new cars appear. And there’s plenty which I’m going to start writing about each week. But these Beauties have been here for a while, waiting for the sequel to Green Hornet. Although, that won’t be happening anytime soon since the movie tanked. But, the funny thing is, it wasn’t all that bad…

But now, what to do with a bullet riddled Beauty?



Ok, finally got a chance yesterday to see GREEN HORNET in the theater with crowds. Um… I said with crowds. Um… ok, I took my Dad, Fireball Pop, and we got there a little early.

Only… I think people forgot that there was a movie actually in that theater, so… we went to sleep.

Anywho, once the flick started, it was a torrential storm of ACTION, QUIPS, MUSIC , SHENANAGANS, and just plain silliness. On the good side, the acting was ok, the action was WAY OVER THE TOP, especially at the end and the direction was straight to the point.

This… was by definition, a popcorn movie if there ever was one. DON’T expect to see something you’ve never seen before, but just plan to have fun. Pretend you’re ten, then you’ll love it and want GREEN HORNET 2- STUNG AGAIN. (Hollywood Studio Producer Doods, that’s my title and you can’t have it!) ™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™™………

Peace Out.

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New Cool GREEN HORNET Poster…

Green Hornet is poised to be fun,… at least the posters are. January 13th PREMIERE.

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