Today’s MAD MOVIE CAR! It’s Cat In The Hat… baby.

Cat In The Hat

Great design by Harald Belker, this Steampunkie contraption was rockin…’

BookBannerMCCCat in the Hat Car 1 Cat in the Hat

MAD MOVIE CARS… Inspector Gadget #moviecar #movie #movies

Inspector Gadget

These concepts by my friend Harald Belker, see what happens to a Movie Car when the movie tanks. Although, the cars are always cool.


MAD MOVIE CARS… #MinorityReport #TomCruise #Spielberg #HaraldBelker #Lexus #MovieCar


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MAD MOVIE CAR… The XXX GTO (Harald Belker Design) #GTO #Pontiac #MovieCar #CarDesigner

GTO_XXX1_HaraldBelker GTO_XXX1


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DESIGN STUDIO PRESS Book Launch goes Kid Crazy!!


Holy Can a Loonie Bins!! Fantastic event yesterday at DSP for the Book Launch. Huge turnout from MPG like Melissa Knight and Bobby Holland & Designers/Authors. BIG THANKS to Scott Robertson, and Tinti Dey for all thier hard work in setting this up and to all the folks that attended, along with the crayon wielding kids!

The guest list of talent was incredible. We had designers like Harald Belker, Daniel Simon, Stuart Macy, Alex Klatt from FISKER and the incredible automotive art legend, Harold Cleworth! Be sure to check out the photos on my FB Page here as well as DSP’s. Again, BIG THANKS to all that came and looking forward to the next event in Malibu on the 10th!

Tomorrow! BIG BOOK of Wacky Rides Launch Party…


Tomorrow is the Launch Party Open House for my first BIG BOOK at Design Studio Press. If you are Press, then most likely you’ve received an invite. But if not… then hit the FB Event Page at one of the links below to sign up or just send an rsvp email to to make make it. Starts at noon and we’ll have the Fisker, a cool Hot Rod and a Concept Car on display.

PLUS, lots of give-aways and special guests including Designers and Authors Scott Robertson, Daniel Simon, Stuart Macey, Harald Belker, Dan Quarnstrom as well as Vice President Global Design for Fisker, Alexander Klatt. This event is Way Outta Control!

Hope to see you there!

Movie Car of the Day: The never made FARENHEIT 451…

These concepts revealed what the trucks of FARANHEIT 451 may have looked like in the final film if it ever gets made, although in Hollywood, nothing is ever really dead. Why has this not been made yet? For the same reason all films get delayed… BUDGET. Sometimes it’s the talent who has to finish a film, but generally, everything comes down to money and has to answer one basic question.

Would you guys go see this movie? I would… as long as there’s cool cars.

Images: ©Harald Belker Design