BIKE of your DREAMS – FMV371

Do what you #LOVE! Gym leads to Surfing Malibu’s best break, then Fireball spots more #CARS, #BIKES and Kathie wraps it up. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

Come to Fireball #WHEELSANDWAVES #CarShow at Gladstones Malibu!

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Today’s CARTOON… It’s Harley & Teddy, Happiness Superheroes… @milldogrescue #dogs #puppies #art #design

Did this one over the weekend for my friends at The National Mill Dog Rescue. Harley & Teddy are their Happiness Superheroes. Have you checked them out? DO IT and you’ll be savin’ pups!Harley&Teddy640



Fireball’s BEST DESIGNS of the WEEK

They keep rollin’ ’em out and we keep rollin’ ’em into our garages. Why? ‘Cause they’re cool, especially the Green Rabbit. Funky Cool. And that, my friends, is DESIGN.

We’re all different, yet all the same. Cars are cars, but a Green Rabbit is… well, actually… it’s just ridiculous. I mean, it’s a Rabbit and it’s green. Did this come out on St. Patrick’s Day for some reason? Can someone explain this to me? Okay, think about this for a jiff….

Let’s do a Rabbit and paint it as green as possible. Not normal green… but GREEN. I’m sayin’ right here, right now, that this Rabbit is greener than the Prius, just ’cause it’s so green.

Okay, I’m done saying green now. Feast…

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