Ferraris & Little Tijuana – FMV244

Fireball heads to the Petersen Museum to meet up with Automotive Illustrator HAROLD CLEWORTH & Ferraris, then to DTLA’s Little Tijuana for some grub. SHARE Today’s Vlog!

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Today Episode… A 5Minute Drive with Master Artist HAROLD CLEWORTH #episode #cadillac #haroldcleworth


Today’s Episode… a 5-Minute Drive with Master Artist HAROLD CLEWORTH in a Caddy… #cadillac @cadillac


5 minutes with artist HAROLD CLEWORTH in this 2013 Cadillac CTS-V and you see that this is no ordinary gentleman. He’s been painting for decades and has no plans on stopping. Check out today’s episode on YOUTUBE also.

Season 1 Finale of 5MINUTE DRIVE Features Legendary Artist HAROLD CLEWORTH!!


If you love cars, and don’t know who Harold Cleworth is… then you need to be beaten with a twinkie for 5 minutes and then watch today’s episode. Or… just watch it. I ran out of twinkies.

Harold has been illustrating cars for 30 years and most likely, done ALL of them. Check out today’s 5Minute Drive Season 1 Finale! Shwing!

Illustration Legend HAROLD CLEWORTH pays us a visit…


Had a great time last week as Automotive Illustration Legend Harold Cleworth came to the Pad to have lunch and check out Kathie’s new Mermaid sculpture. A huge project for her, but it was fun to show someone who really appreciates the work that goes into personal projects like this. She’s goin’ to bronze, baby… Harold gave us a very cool signed print of this ’57 Vette, too. More updates coming on Kathie’s project as it gets further along. Pretty awesome…


A day with the incredible CLEWORTH…


Wow, what an awesome day! I told you, didn’t I??

Just got back from hangin’ out at Harold Cleworth for some time to see some of the most amazing automotive illustrations ever. Harold’s been doin’ these for a long time and treated Kathie and I to his studio in Venice to see his work in progress, his amazing Tiki Pad Studio and even his feline friend.

We also saw the prototype for his new book that’s coming from Design Studio Press. Insane! We’ll be doing a 5Minute Drive for sure when a Muscle Car shows up at the Fireball Pad next, but until then, check out these great shots of his place and work and be sure to pick up one of his prints here!

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What’s up for TODAY? A Visit with CLEWORTH…


After a session of pain at the gym this morning, Kathie and I are headed for a visit with Master Automotive Illustrator, Harold Cleworth in his studio in Venice. If you’re a car guy, then you’ll have heard of him. He’s only been doing car illustrations for the last 250 years and is pretty dang good at it.

Lots of photos coming later, but we may do a 5MINUTE DRIVE with him depending on if I can pull him from his painting…



DESIGN STUDIO PRESS Book Launch goes Kid Crazy!!


Holy Can a Loonie Bins!! Fantastic event yesterday at DSP for the Book Launch. Huge turnout from MPG like Melissa Knight and Bobby Holland & Designers/Authors. BIG THANKS to Scott Robertson, and Tinti Dey for all thier hard work in setting this up and to all the folks that attended, along with the crayon wielding kids!

The guest list of talent was incredible. We had designers like Harald Belker, Daniel Simon, Stuart Macy, Alex Klatt from FISKER and the incredible automotive art legend, Harold Cleworth! Be sure to check out the photos on my FB Page here as well as DSP’s. Again, BIG THANKS to all that came and looking forward to the next event in Malibu on the 10th!