When life gives you CARS… you GO!

Yes, it’s a two-pronged thing this whole car life. Get in the car, go some place cool. But the notion is a lot deeper than that for sure.

What’s the bottom line of having fun? Well, living in Malibu affords me a lot of things, but getting to Malibu and staying here is the result of a certain kind of thinking — a frequency that has to be maintained in order to benefit from our playground here.

It’s not something you’re given, but something you become aware of and hopefully expand as a human being.

As we know, what you give out into the world is what comes back to you. The only challenge is the awareness of this universal fact.

Most people either don’t know it or simply don’t believe it. And this is what keeps them from prosperity. Stop always thinking about yourself and start thinking about others. That doesn’t mean sacrifice yourself for others, it just means get out of your head and start looking for ways to make people happy.

That will make you happy. And happiness is what it’s all about, baby. Let’s go a wee bit deeper here and understand why it’s important to get in your car and go have fun.

Feeling good is a much bigger idea and concept than just a smile on your face. If you’re feeling good, you’re blasting out good thoughts into the world. Those who complain a lot don’t realize that they are blasting negativity out and getting back the same thing.

A wise person realizes that feeling good is what it’s all about, but they also understand why.

And the math is simple. Ready? Think a good thought about something, and this makes you feel good. And that means you are sending out good thoughts about this thing. Then, the universe will give you more of that thing. Done. Get it?

So, when I decided to throw my bike in the back of the massive 2017 Nissan Titan XD that they sent me for the week and ride somewhere cool, I never realized I would end up at the Malibu Creek rock pool, swimming by myself for 40 minutes before anyone else showed up.

Then, it was time to jump off the rocks and scream like a baby. And that’s exactly what we did all day.

Feel good about your health…. Feel good about your money… Feel good about your relationships. Just feel good.

And that will be a result of thinking good thoughts about them. If you’ll do that in the day more than complaining, whining or huffing n’ puffing, then your life will turn around and you will suddenly be living the dream.

Boom. Done. Welcome to Malibu. Now get out there and have fun.

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VLOG 38 – Healthy Summer Coolness

VLOG 38: This episode… Cleansing a Liver has never been funnier as Fireball and Kathie struggle not to throw up from the massive amount of concoctions and tinctures. Then… they build a table.



Today’s THOUGHTBALL… Stay Healthy… #health #food #strength


Are you going to be normal TODAY?

Every day is an opportunity to push further. Grow more. Be better than you were yesterday… in all areas. And that means change.

People are afraid of change because it’s uncertain. Don’t be. Change is ALWAYS good. Extremes are ALWAYS good. But, it requires you to LOOK for the good. That’s your part. Concentrate on the good side of everything and then ONLY good will come to you. That’s the way it works… and IT WORKS. Give Coolness. Get Coolness. IT’S THE LAW.

Monday brings change. Welcome it. Embrace it. LOVE it. Get into it!! Get in THE SPIRIT of it!!! And then…

Enjoy it. Peace to you guys for this week. Let me know what you’re grateful for.

Gettin’ the HEALTH groove on…

People struggle with a lot of things. Money, Love, Health. So, since it’s a triptic, Kathie and I decided a few months ago (6 months actually), to try and improve all three. And we’ve been pretty successful so far. But there’s one area that’s really done well, and that’s health.

6 months ago I weighed 168. That’s too much for a 6’9″ dood like me, being used to being a string bean. Kathie was at a whopping 134. That was a lot for her, too. And we decided to count our calories and work out. And this is what happened…

I began running. A little every day like I used to, then more. We joined a gym. Took classes and did the circuit. Small steps, peeps. Always small steps.

The average person burns about 2000 calories a day. Without exercise. With heavy exercise, it’s about 2500. So, we started making sure we ate less calories. That didn’t mean eat less, it meant ate less calories. We’re both vegetarian, so that helps because your insides are as important as your outsides. If you’re not, it just comes down to looking at the label and writing it down. It’s ok to have that danish if… it keeps you under the 2000 for the day. Just don’t go all hog wild…

6 months later? As in, now. We’ve been averaging between 1400-1600 calories a day, just by paying attention. It’s not hard…. unless you’re just plain lazy.

I’m at 156. Kathie’s at 122. That’s a whopping 12 pounds each! DING!

24 lbs = That’s a small doggie! 5 bricks! A sack a taters! A load of horse doo!

Do the experiment. – 2000 Daily Calorie Limit. 1500 intake = lose weight. Get healthy. Period. My ultimate goal?

155. I’ll have it by Friday. 🙂 Shwing!

Fuel up on what’s GOOD…


Yea, I bounce around a lot with different products, seeing what’s worthy of becoming Fireballed. And the guys at BIOMETICS have really helped to raise the bar in the health arena. Check ’em out when you can, but there’s no fun in the car world when you’re always feeling sick and tired. Get healthy. (The protein drinks are awesome…) The karate lady is my wife, Kathie. Steer clear or she’ll do a slice and dice!